Trading into the Future

Announcing the Blockchain Heroes! What are those you may be asking??? If you are over 4o, like me, you may remember the Garbage Pail Kids trading cards from the 80’s. Yep, this may age me, but I loved them & had 3-ring binders with my cards in slots for display & trading. I also had stickers in my secret room … Read More

The Riches ARE in the Niches with Dana Malstaff

The Riches ARE in the Niches with Dana Malstaff The Riches are in the Niches — I mean we’ve all heard it before, right? I love Dana’s stories behind people who really are succeeding by focusing on their niche! Dana Malstaff discusses the future of social media being all about community, really niching to find your ideal audience & support … Read More

Changing State by Changing Space

Changing State by Changing Space In these uncertain times, it is important to think about our mental space & sometimes changing the physical space you are in can help you change your state of mind. In this episode we are joined by Nicole Holland, Online Business & Marketing Consultant, we will be discussing how we are all coping with the … Read More

Active Adventuring with Amara Dumlao

Active Adventuring with Amara Dumlao In Episode 2 of the Social Powered Digital Marketing Show Erin chats with Amara Dumlao about how she got her start in social media using Yelp of all platforms, the importance of looking at the right metrics online & the benefits of working for yourself. Amara & Erin met in San Diego at the largest … Read More

8 Instagram Hashtag Hacks

8 Instagram Hashtag Hacks with Erin Cell

Hashtags can be confusing — we get it! Here are 8 Instagram hashtag hacks for you to check out & see what works best for you on Instagram. From hiding hashtags in your posts & Instagram Stories to creating hashtag groups we’ve got a hack for you. Let’s jump in? Here are 8 Instagram hashtag hacks: Instagram Hashtag Hacks #1: … Read More

The Importance of Blockchain & the Future of Social Media

The Importance of Blockchain & the Future of Social Media What is Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin? Have you heard of these terms, but have no idea what they actually mean? I’m proud to introduce a new Digital Marketing Show produced by Socially Powered. We will help break down the confusing industry  & help you better understand what blockchain is & how … Read More

Why Blockchain-Based Social Networks Are Better. Period.

Why Blockchain-Based Social Networks Are Better. Period. In the digital world, things can change faster than you can snap your fingers. However, out of all the newest kids on the block, there is one that’s been touted as the most promising: blockchain. A blockchain refers to a distributed peer-to-peer ledger that is secured by state-of-the-art cryptography. The reason why the … Read More

4 Tips to Overcome Instagram Doing Away with “Like” Counts

So, Instagram has decided to hide “likes”. Nicki Minaj is hating it, Kim Kardashian is all for it, but what about small businesses and brands that are purely built on social media marketing and heavily rely on social proof? That’s what we are here to discuss today! Yes, “likes” are one of the most recognizable factors when it comes to … Read More

How to Use Instagram Stories to Build an Audience

Instagram is now officially the best social media platform for online retailers across the world. Hootsuite says that by 2020, almost 76% of U.S. businesses will be using Instagram to promote their products and reach a wider audience. Even with a super saturated market, Instagram has miraculously managed to be the best place for brands to connect with their target … Read More

6 Tips To Market Your Blockchain Startup

Blockchain is still an evolving technology which is why many investors think of it like Medusa, the legendary creature of the myth that sparks curiosity but better left in obscurity. If you are trying to get your blockchain startup off the ground, you know how challenging it is to bring your brainchild to the scrutinizing eyes of investors and make … Read More