Trading into the Future

Announcing the Blockchain Heroes! What are those you may be asking??? If you are over 4o, like me, you may remember the Garbage Pail Kids trading cards from the 80’s. Yep, this may age me, but I loved them & had 3-ring binders with my cards in slots for display & trading. I also had stickers in my secret room … Read More

Why Blockchain-Based Social Networks Are Better. Period.

Why Blockchain-Based Social Networks Are Better. Period. In the digital world, things can change faster than you can snap your fingers. However, out of all the newest kids on the block, there is one that’s been touted as the most promising: blockchain. A blockchain refers to a distributed peer-to-peer ledger that is secured by state-of-the-art cryptography. The reason why the … Read More

6 Tips To Market Your Blockchain Startup

Blockchain is still an evolving technology which is why many investors think of it like Medusa, the legendary creature of the myth that sparks curiosity but better left in obscurity. If you are trying to get your blockchain startup off the ground, you know how challenging it is to bring your brainchild to the scrutinizing eyes of investors and make … Read More