The Engine Behind with Kate Erickson

In this episode, Kate Erickson shares her top tips for streamlining processes in your business. We talk about shortcuts, templates & time-saving tools to implement. Kate shares her 3 steps to take back an hour a day.

Kate & I recorded this podcast via Facebook Live & YouTube if you want to watch versus just listen.

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Kate Erickson

About Kate Erickson:

Her passion is helping entrepreneurs create freedom in their business and life through developing systems and processes that can help their business scale and grow.

Kate joined Team Fire in April 2013 as the Content Creator. Since, she's grown to be the overall Engine of things at Entrepreneurs On Fire.

In early 2013 she left her corporate job at an advertising and marketing agency to finally start creating the life Ishewanted to live – one where someone else wasn’t dictating her every move.

Her first entrepreneurial leap was to start a copywriting agency called Kate’s Copy.

In late 2012, as Entrepreneurs On Fire continued to grow post-launch, John came to Kate and asked what she thought about teaming up at Entrepreneurs On Fire.

Fast forward, she's grateful to be John’s partner at Entrepreneurs On Fire and to be serving each and every member of Fire Nation.

Ditch Busy is all about helping you take back control of your time – not just in your business, but in your life. It's time to make overwhelm a thing of the past! This podcast will inspire, encourage, and teach you how to you start embracing time management in a way that makes you feel free.


I was featured on EOFire you can listen to the episode here

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