All Things Instagram with Jenn Herman

Jenn Herman

All Things Instagram with Jenn Herman Jenn Herman & Erin Cell discuss ALL things Instagram in the latest episode of the Socially Powered Digital Marketing Show. Jenn kicks things off with her Top 5 Tips for the Instagram feed which includes creating scroll stopping content and her hashtag secrets. We then move on to Reels and Stories, IGTV, going Live … Read More

8 Instagram Hashtag Hacks

8 Instagram Hashtag Hacks with Erin Cell

Hashtags can be confusing — we get it! Here are 8 Instagram hashtag hacks for you to check out & see what works best for you on Instagram. From hiding hashtags in your posts & Instagram Stories to creating hashtag groups we’ve got a hack for you. Let’s jump in? Here are 8 Instagram hashtag hacks: Instagram Hashtag Hacks #1: … Read More

4 Tips to Overcome Instagram Doing Away with “Like” Counts

So, Instagram has decided to hide “likes”. Nicki Minaj is hating it, Kim Kardashian is all for it, but what about small businesses and brands that are purely built on social media marketing and heavily rely on social proof? That’s what we are here to discuss today! Yes, “likes” are one of the most recognizable factors when it comes to … Read More

How to Use Instagram Stories to Build an Audience

Instagram is now officially the best social media platform for online retailers across the world. Hootsuite says that by 2020, almost 76% of U.S. businesses will be using Instagram to promote their products and reach a wider audience. Even with a super saturated market, Instagram has miraculously managed to be the best place for brands to connect with their target … Read More

5 Instagram Features You Probably Aren’t Using…but Should Be!

5 Instagram Features You Probably Aren’t Using…but Should Be! Admit it – you love Instagram, but it is a full-time job to keep up with all the changes and new features. Once you finally feel like you’ve got a handle on Instagram — they add or change something on the platform. I’ve put together 5 Instagram Features you may know … Read More

How to Use Instagram Type with Stories

How to Use Instagram Type with Stories Instagram Type feature announced this week for Instagram Stories. Have you checked to see if you have it available for Stories? It’s simple to use & helps enhance your Stories! Instagram started rolling this out to all users this week – so, if you don’t have the feature not to worry, you will … Read More

How to Get Started LiveStreaming

How to Get Started LiveStreaming (It is cheaper & easier than you think!) Are you using Live Video and LiveStreaming to promote your business online? Learn how to get started LiveStreaming!                     Live video and LiveStreaming is more important in today?s world of social media than ever before. This article will … Read More

Instagram vs. Snapchat Stories with Rachel Moore

Instagram vs. Snapchat Stories with Rachel Moore As a social media marketer, I am constantly in tune with the buzz in the social media world. ?I try to stay current on what?s new with different social media platforms, and how the community is reacting. ?Lately, there?s been a big reaction to the new story feature on Instagram. ?Many avid social … Read More

Top 10: Instagram Tips & Tricks

Top 10 Tips & Tricks for Instagram Did you know more than 80 million images are uploaded to Instagram every day? It?s a global application with some interesting demographic opportunities. Plus, it can be one of the more entertaining and engaging social media platforms. Want to use Instagram to its fullest potential? Here is a list of Top 10 Tips … Read More

7 Steps To Creating A Stunning Visual Voice On Instagram

Visual Content is key in today’s social media strategy. There are so many people fighting for your attention on social media you need to find ways to STAND OUT! Check out these 7 steps for a stunning visual voice on #Insta! Do you have other ideas? What have you tried that has worked for connecting with more people? Looking to … Read More