Introducing the Women of Social Media Day Denver 2019

Learn more about the Women of Social Media Day Denver 2019 Proud to introduce you to the Women of Social Media Day Denver 2019! We’ve brought together 9 Powerhouse women to share with you their insights & tips on all things social media. We will feature Facebook Ads, Facebook Groups, Instagram, Chatbots/Messenger Marketing, Speaking from Stages, LinkedIn, Content/Copy, Stories and … Read More

Top 10 Reasons to Attend #SMDayDEN18

Social Media Day Denver: Mile High Influence The Must-Attend Social Media Event of 2018 in Denver, CO! #SMDayDEN18 ? Friday, June 29th, 2018 Once again, we are bringing together a stellar line-up of business leaders from around the world & local Coloradoans. Do you want to take your business to the next level via social media? Build your online influence? … Read More

10 Facebook Features You May Not Know About

10 Facebook Features You May Not Know About There are billions of people posting and checking their Facebook feeds this second. Many features of this social media giant are intuitive and a part of our daily routines, however, there are some you may not be aware of… Facebook ? as a company ? actively promotes new features to encourage users … Read More

Increase Your Facebook Engagement with John Melton, Social Media Expert

Increasing your Facebook engagement with John Melton,?Social Media Expert Social media can be an excellent platform for building your business. As a social media and consultant, I know firsthand the impact it can have on creating an audience for your brand. ?Recently, I was in Miami and the Bahamas masterminding with a group which?included John Melton. John is an expert … Read More

Top 10: Facebook Tips & Tricks

Top 10: Facebook?Tips & Tricks This week we will be giving you the Top 10: Facebook Tips & Tricks!??Like it or not, Facebook is here to stay. Facebook has billions of daily users and new features being released all the time, the social media giant?has retained its status as king (or queen) of the social media platforms. Whether your business … Read More

Social Media: Technical, Technology, Engineering Industries

Social Media: Technical, Technology, Engineering Industries There are so many social media platforms available to choose from it’s hard to know which platform is best for your specific type of business. Today’s post focuses on technical & technology related industries. Facebook is often the #1 pick for most businesses and it should be as it remains top for number of … Read More

Facebook 101

Facebook 101 Erin Cell of Socially Powered and Hollie Clere of The Social Media Advisor chat with Special Guest: Beth Johnston of Social Bridges about Facebook 101 Tips! Social Seven ? Social Media Podcast Beth Johnston of Social Bridges joined us on the?Social Seven podcast?and she shared some valuable Facebook tips for our audience. Here are some basic Facebook tips … Read More

Facebook Ads: How to Bypass 20% Text Rule

Great ticks to get around the 20% Text Rule for Facebook Ads! Have you tried any of these? What has worked? Have you been frustrated with the 20% text rule for Facebook ads? Here?s a Facebook hack that will help you get around it and run ads with images that exceed 20% text. Source: Facebook Ads: How to Bypass 20% … Read More