Changing State by Changing Space

Changing State by Changing Space In these uncertain times, it is important to think about our mental space & sometimes changing the physical space you are in can help you change your state of mind. In this episode we are joined by Nicole Holland, Online Business & Marketing Consultant, we will be discussing how we are all coping with the … Read More

Introducing the Men of Social Media Day Denver 2019

Proud to introduce you to the Men of Social Media Day Denver 2019! We recently posted about the women of Social Media Day Denver and wanted to share the men we’ve brought together to share their insights and wisdom at the event. We’ve brought together 8 stellar men to share with you their insights & tips on all things social … Read More

How to Create Professional Quality Live Stream Videos: 3 Tools

Are you interested in Live-Streaming on Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms? Do you want your live streams to have a professional look? In this article, you’ll discover three tools to help you create professional quality livestreams on Facebook, YouTube and more. Why Use a Live Stream Tool to Create Professional Quality Videos? If you are a business owner … Read More

Top 10 Items You Must Have for any Event!

Top 10 Items You Must Have for any Event! Conference season has officially begun! Here are my Top 10 must-have items for any event I’m attending. Here are my Top 10 Items: 10. Business Cards – Be sure to stock up on business cards as you will be meeting lots of new people & will want to have a way … Read More

Embrace the Power of Twitter

Embrace the Power of Twitter How to be an Expert in 140 characters or less Why do you need Twitter? I?m sure you think you can do just fine online without Twitter – and you may be able to, but there are plenty of reasons to incorporate Twitter into your marketing efforts – including 310 Million Active users. 30% of … Read More

Stay Positive on Social

Stay Positive on Social Who else is over the negative posts online? I am certain?every person reading this has been affected by the recent election and events happening in the US?on traditional and social media. If you are on social media to any extent you have seen an onslaught of normally nice people posting negative & hurtful comments, memes, & … Read More

Top 10 Gifts Under $20 for the Social Media Lover in Your Life

Top 10 Gifts Under $20 for the Social Media Lover in Your Life We all have the person in our life who loves social media, but not sure what to get them for the holidays? Here’s the Top 10 gifts for any social media lover they must have to create amazing content (AND they are ALL priced under $20!!!) #LettermanStyle … Read More

Tips to Mastering Social Advertising with Andrea Vahl

3 Tips to Master Social Media Advertising with Andrea Vahl At the Digital Commerce Summit, I had the opportunity to speak with Andrea Vahl. Andrea had just gotten done presenting ?How to Rock Your Social Ads to Sell Digital Stuff?, and she agreed to give us her top three tips for all social advertising. If you?re doing any advertising on … Read More

Why You Need to Tell Your Story Online

Why You Need to Tell Your Story Online Part of what makes your business appealing to other people is the story behind it. In this video, I?m discussing the importance of storytelling with Hollie Clere of the Social Media Advisor. YOUR story is important! Hollie has a few tips to share on telling your story through your social media page. … Read More

Snapchat Success: Finding Followers

Snapchat Success: Finding Followers (2 of a 4 part Snapchat Success Series) In the first part of our series of Getting to Know Snapchat, you learned a little bit about the?history of Snapchat and how it?s used. Hopefully, you?ve set up your account, so now we?re?ready for the next step: Finding Followers. There are a number of?ways to add friends … Read More