What’s Hot in Social Media? Blab

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What's Hot in Social Media?

What?s Hot in Social Media? Blab


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Live streaming apps are huge right now. Periscope, Meerkat, & Blab are all new contenders in this market. People have been talking for years about how video will be the next big thing in online marketing. The popularity of YouTube, Vine and Google Hangouts just reaffirms there is a market for video. The next step was combining the popularity of smartphones and finding ways to film on the go. Live streaming is 2015?s answer to video marketing. Even better, all of these apps are currently free to download and use making for a wide demographic. Blab is still in beta & constantly updating & changing – so check back often to see what's new there!

How is Blab Different?

Blab focuses on the element of video chatting in a public space. Users can connect with their friends or colleagues and film an entire conversation live. Viewers simply hop on (and off) the stream and watch the action. It?s sort of like a live online panel. Those watching are also able to like a blab using their ?Props? feature to encourage panelists as the stream broadcasts.

Blabs can be recorded and replayed later. Saving a blab for future reference can be handy. Also, this gives users the ability to use the video for promotional purposes as well.

Hint: Share your blab pre-, during, & post-blab on all social media platforms to get more views & increase your followers on Blab!

Who is Using Blab?

Blab can be used for a variety of purposes. Getting together a group of expert collaborators to discuss a topic is one. Another might be getting together a group of friends to make plans for the weekend. (Be careful when “blabbing” with friends, because ALL Blabs are public & you don't want to share private information online! Especially if you are heading out of town!) What about an online training class or webinar that is more interactive? Blab could be a visual way to podcast ? inviting specials guests to make it more exciting. Celebrities could use it to engage their audience in a safe, but fun way. Authors could do an online book reading. The possibilities for this type of tool are endless. There is an unlimited supply of new ideas & ways of interacting with your followers online through Blab daily. What is your next big idea for Blab?

What Makes Blab Special?

Hotseats are a way Blab stands out from conventional social media platforms. Each blab can host up to four panelists at a time. The one who begins the session can open up the other three spots to encourage influencers, experts and friends to participate. These users can jump in and out of the conversation as needed. This is also a great way to quickly ask questions during a workshop or blab webinar. You can also block the seats if you are interviewing someone & don't want others trying to jump in.

Blab has the ability to converse with the viewers on the right side of the blab. Encouraging engagement, questions, conversations, & sharing! In addition, you can “Tell a Little Bird” to Tweet all of your followers to let you know what you are watching or Blab's you are hosting or participating on!

Conversate & Tell A Little Bird!

Conversate & Tell A Little Bird!

Blab is still in beta mode & constantly changing based on user preferences. Blab offers viewers the option to ask a question on the right side & have it stand out in the chat by typing /q?before your question. In addition, if the topic of conversation changes mid-blab you can & should update the Title.? To change the topic title you?can type into the comment box /topic This Is The New Title or if you?re the host there is a little edit button next to the title in the upper left corner of the blab browser window.

Used Blab yet? How does it compare to Periscope? Tell us what you think! If not, download it, try it out and then tell us how you liked it.

Here's a link to some quick #BlabTips by Ben Requena

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