Instagram Planning with Planoly

Planoly LogoWe love Instagram, but it isn't the easiest platform to schedule if you want to create a visually appealing feed. We recently started looking into a Planoly (h/t to @suebzimmerman) and have found this tool really helps you create, curate and plan your week or month visually.

Planoly doesn't autopost, but rather you create & schedule your posts then turn on notifications on your phone & you will be alerted when it's time to publish. When you receive the alert you simply ensure you are logged in to the correct Insta account (if you have multiple accounts) & it will save the image(s) and the copy with all your ###'s?

Best part about it is FREE if you are only using it for one Instagram account and not posting more than 1x per day. If you are managing multiple accounts or want to post more you will need to pay, but the pricing is reasonable & you get a discount if you pay annually.

Let's talk about some of the features you receive with this amazing tool:

  • Visually Planning Your Content: You can upload 9 images at a time. You can also incorporate multi-image posts and videos. Once you have uploaded your images you can move them around to see how they will appear on your feed. Next create your schedule & you will be notified when it's time to post.
  • Plan Your Stories: Earlier this year Planoly introduced a feature to plan your stories for Instagram. This means everything you can do in stories: images, videos, GIF's, boomerangs. You can include your @mentions & copy for the story post. Schedule & you'll be notified the same way you would be for a regular post. Once you open stories you can still add stickers & effects.
  • Discover: The Discover feature let's you search by usernames, hashtags and free stock photos! This is perfect for discovering people to follow, get inspiration and create more content.
  • Analyze: Planoly includes an overview analysis of your Instagram account. This includes followers, following, likes, comments, overview & your Top Posts. Depending on what plan you are on determines how far back you can go in your analysis.
  • Comments: This is great for increasing engagement on your account. The tool allows you to view All, Starred, and New comments, so you don't miss an opportunity to start a conversation with someone.
  • InstaTiling: You've seen it…right? The page that has the super cool image split into 6/9/12 posts. You can do this through Planoly. YES!
  • Hashtag Management: This is our favorite feature of the tool. Create Hashtag groups to create a list of up to 30 hashtags you want to use consistently for your brand. However, we recommend you change this up periodically and don't use the same #'s on every post. PRO TIP: Consider how you are naming the groups to ensure you are selecting the correct list.?
  • Shoppable: If you sell products, you can use Planoly to allow your followers to shop on your custom shoppable page, on mobile via profile link and through an embed on your website. This is perfect for tagging products in your images making it easy for followers to purchase! This means more sales for you & even better customer experience!

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Here's what the dashboard looks like:

Planoly Dashboard

Planoly Dashboard includes your plan, drafts, analyze, discover and shoppable.

We have tried & tested many Instagram planning tools & this is by far the best if you want a visually appealing feed you can easily see how it will appear before posting.

Have you tried Planoly or will you? We'd love to hear what you think of the tool!

Disclaimer: This post is simply our opinion of the tool, however, the links if you decide to use the tool and up paying for an account we will receive a $10 credit.?

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