Erin Cell, CEO & Founder

Erin Cell founded Socially Powered in 2014. Her background was in Marketing & Customer Service — after life changes decided it was time to live life on her terms. You can read Erin's full bio here.

She now travels the world — exploring & working from anywhere with WIFI.


Laura Pence Atencio, Sales Pipeline Strategist

Social Media Influencer, International Best-Selling Author, and Radio Talk Show Host Laura Pence Atencio gets more leads in your business. If your list isn’t helping you lead people down a path to sales, then you’re doing it wrong. You need a plan from opt-in to sales person. 🏝

Chad Illa-Petersen, Facebook Ads Expert

Creating leads, building social engagement & driving both web & store traffic to your business via social media can be tricky & at times frustrating in today's competitive digital marketing climate.

Chad is a Facebook Ads expert who can take your social media efforts to new heights! β›°

He is an Outside the Box Thinker & Purple πŸ¦„

Ruthie, Socially Powered Mascot

Ruthie was created in honor of Erin's beloved Gramma Ruth. She is the reason this company started & our inspiration. Plus, owls are amazing animals! πŸ¦‰

Peter Brissette, Websites & Review Marketing

Over the last ten years Peter has built and launched more than eighty professional business websites. He knows what it takes to clearly communicate your brand and message to your ideal prospects that will convert into new clients.

He has many affordable and fast options to get your next website design up and working for you.


Jerick Cabrera, Graphic Designer

Jerick John Cabrera, a professional graphic artist from the Philippines who consistently pushes the boundaries of design for businesses in different parts of the world.

Creativity, pursuit & passion are his framwork for delivering successful visual brand solutions. πŸ’»

Joanely Alvidrez, Social Media Manager

Joanely started as an intern for Social Media Day Denver 2019 and has since joined us to help with social media management for the team! She's currently a senior at MSU Denver pursuing a Marketing degree.

She enjoys creating original content, reading & painting in her spare time. 🎨


Why? Because they are fun & who doesn't like a good emoji?