Twitter: Top 6 Tips

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LinkedIn Training: 21 Steps To The Perfect LinkedIn Profile

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The 30-Minute Social Media Workout for Every Marketer

This holiday season don’t miss your workouts! This includes your social media workout! Check out this great 30 minute social media workout to ensure your marketing stays on-target! Source: The 30-Minute Social Media Workout for Every Marketer | Wizoid

How to Discover Social Media Insights About Your Competitors

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Boosted Posts on Facebook: When You Shouldn’t Use Them

Do you boost posts on Facebook? Here’s a great article from my friend, Andrea Vahl on when to boost & when not to. One of the biggest mistakes I see Facebook Page owners making is overusing the Boost Posts button on your Page. Facebook makes it so quick and easy to use plus they give you little incentive notifications like … Read More

How to Create Facebook Video Ads: A Step by Step Guide

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Why Your Business Needs an Avatar?

Avatars? What are they and Why Your Business Needs One? An avatar is defined as an icon or figure representing a particular person. You may wonder why in the heck you need an avatar for your business? Simple, creating an avatar gives your “ideal” client an identity and helps you better determine who you are marketing to. When you create … Read More

Negativity Online? (What You Need to Know!)

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