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Avatars? What are they and Why Your Business Needs One?

An avatar is defined as an icon or figure representing a particular person. You may wonder why in the heck you need an avatar for your business? Simple, creating an avatar gives your “ideal” client an identity and helps you better determine who you are marketing to. When you create an avatar you need to think about how you can best provide them with information about your product, service, industry, and be of service to them.

Developing a marketing strategy without clearly defining your target audience is a waste of valuable time and energy. While some businesses may achieve some success, the most effective way to market is to clearly define “who” it is you are marketing to. This is true for both traditional marketing methods as it is to social media.

Create an Avatar & Define Your Target Market

The first thing a business must do is determine who they are trying to reach. Selecting specific demographics to narrow down choices is the goal. Be specific, as specific as possible. Give your avatar a name even. Another idea is to actually create this avatar & post a picture of them on your computer. It's easy to find a site to create this avatar by simply “googling” – Create an Avatar Online. I created the avatar to the right in less than 5 minutes. 😉

Many business owners fear getting too narrow will isolate potential customers. However, the more clearly defined the ?who? of a target audience, the better companies will be able to refine their message across various platforms. Look into gender, location, age, salary, occupations and industries. Determining the best audience for your product or service will make it much easier for you to reach them online.

Pick Your Platform

Where can you build the greatest community around your brand? Each social media platform offers something different to users. Take time to consider who your best clients and passionate fans are. Then find out where these individuals spend their time online. For example, if you are in real estate industry the focus might be on Facebook due to the large amount of daily users ? over 1.15 billion! Pinterest and Instagram are great avenues for showcasing property visuals and finding followers.

Smart companies who are making their own video content should look into establishing a presence on YouTube and Google+. These two platforms are huge when it comes to SEO and rising in search engine rankings.

Give Them What They Want

What keeps your target audience up at night? Spend time defining your differentiators and how you can help your clients. What product or service solves a problem or gets rid of a pain point? Be aware of what your competition is offering and how you can stand out.

Another real estate example would be offering local information. Community activities that would be interesting for your followers are a great way to grab their attention. Keeping track of free events, school updates, and other community news is offering a valuable service to your clientele.

Always be asking, ?What?s in it for THEM??

Businesses will find focusing on a smaller group of people that are predisposed to be open to their offerings will generate more ROI than random marketing techniques (AKA Spaghetti Marketing). Over time these demographics may shift so go back and redo this exercise occasionally. This should really be the first step in developing any type of social media or marketing plans.

As always, I hope this helps you get started with developing your social media and marketing plan for your business. If you want additional information please feel free to reach out.

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