Social Media: Which Platform is Best for Your Business

Social Media offers so many different options. There are new platforms coming out on a daily basis (at least it seems that way!) Social Media can often be overwhelming and time consuming to determine which of these platforms deserve your valuable time and energy. There is not an easy ? best fit for everyone ? type of answer. However, the right platforms for your business should be based on your target audience and the type of work you do.

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Before we get into a breakdown of different industries, it?s important to point out Facebook is still the #1 social media platform for a reason. While, it may not be the top producer in terms of sales ? it does have the largest dedicated audience. Potential consumers of all demographics are using Facebook ? and using it daily. As a business, a Facebook business page is essential and then companies should look at adding other platforms to enhance their results.

Here are some overall statistics from Social Media Examiner?s 2015 Industry Report:

  • 93% are using Facebook and 62% plan to increase Facebook activities
  • 79% Use LinkedIn ? bringing the social media platform in 3rd behind Facebook & Twitter
  • When allowed to only pick 1 platform ? 52% picked Facebook followed by 21% selecting LinkedIn
  • 72% will increase video use next year
  • 66% say social media generates leads

Social Media is somewhat like a puzzle – you? may need to try a couple different spots before you find the right fit for your business!

SM Puzzle

Over the next week, I will be posting about various types of businesses & which platforms tend to be the right fit. Stay tuned!

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Source: 2015 Industry Report Summary

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