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What makes Content Go Wildly Viral?

Visual Content

Content is how to reach your audience, but visual content provides the key! There are many mediums in today's age to make an image to go viral whether it is through Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter. Pinterest alone has 70 million active users! Youtube has 6 billion views per month! Instagram has 200 million users, 1.6 billion likes and 60 million photos shares daily! Tweets with an image get 2x the engagement of those without. (Credit: Boom Social with Kim Garst)

When creating visual content here are two tips to help:
Visuals must be eye-catching
Drive your audience to take action

An audience taking action is shown by liking the visual, sharing it in a post, going to your website or visiting your blog post. When making your visual think of what action you want your viewer to take. When making your visuals here are a few tips don?t use a lot of text, no one is going to want to read! Use high-quality images; it will make your visuals look professional and visually appealing. Also, use a variety of visual content. Use your images to show not to tell, find images to help to tell your story or message.

Visuals need to appeal to your target market whether that is by appealing to their lifestyle, values, and/or their pain points. This enables there to be a connection between you and the viewer. Keep in mind what your target market is interested in. For example, baby boomers are going to be more enticed by knowing the quality they are getting for their dollar; whereas millennials may be more interested in the visual appeal of a product. Make sure your visual is about the viewer, not you! Always ask yourself and make it clear to the viewer how can you help them? Always be asking what?s in it for them?

Use photos and quotes with images remember 3 times the interaction and 87% of all shares. Provide How To?s & Checklists to help your audience. Choices and asking questions drives engagement and interaction with your followers. Ask for responses, consider ending posts with ?what do you think?? or ?do you agree?? Quizzes can help build an emotional connection with the viewer. Screenshots or behind the scenes of your business or what you are doing are great ideas, people like to be ?in-the-know?. This helps you build a connection with your audience. When making your visuals make sure to follow the 5 C?s of content: create, clever, concise, content, and consistency (For more information on this topic click here: 5 C's of Content).

The key take away is to ensure your image is eye catching, simple, has a clear point, and reaches your target market. Combining your information with a well-done visual will allow you more opportunity of exposure and chance of going viral.