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Top 10 Tips: LinkedIn

LinkedIn may not be the most popular social media network, but with nearly 350 million professionals using the site it is hard to dismiss its value. This networking hub is the place to be for many business professionals. While originally intended to showcase personal expertise and find employment, LinkedIn understands its audience and is constantly evolving to improve the platform for both individuals and companies. Here is a list of ten tips to get your business prepared to reap the most benefits from LinkedIn.

1. SEO Your Company Page

As with any profile, optimizing using SEO and keywords will factor into where the search engines place your information. SEO strategy will make a big impact on your LinkedIn profile. First, tackle your company page description including three or four of your top keyword choices right at the top. Not sure what keywords you should be using to generate the most traffic? Spend a few minutes using the Google AdWords tool to find out what keywords are most searched for in relation to what you do. Also, incorporate keywords into the Specialties section of your Company Page as Google tends to grab information from there often.

2. Keep It Professional

LinkedIn exists to cater to the professional market. The target audiences are business owners, recruiters and entrepreneurs. This means what gets posted on LinkedIn should be appropriate for business. This includes content, images, and promotional material. Avoid anything not safe for work, spammy, personal selfies, or content you wouldn?t want a potential employer or client to view. Keep this tip in mind during your LinkedIn interactions as well. Keep it courteous and professional.

3. Optimize Your Company Page

While your personal LinkedIn Profile can be used to demonstrate your expertise, a Company Page is important to showcase your business within its specific industry. In order to make a lasting impression look at the layout, banner image, and Showcase Pages. Occasionally, the layout of the Company Pages changes so check it periodically to ensure it is still optimized for the best possible viewing. Create and post an eye-catching banner image making sure it is also optimized for resolution and correct sizing. If you are going to invest the time in doing this, make sure it?s done right.


4. Banner Image

Banner images on LinkedIn are very similar to a Facebook Cover Photo. This is valuable visual real estate on social media and shouldn?t be overlooked. People are visual and the banner image should lure them in while giving them a bit of an idea about who you are and what you do. Be sure to incorporate your company or personal branding while making something that stands out and is appealing.

5. Publish

As with any publication, writing and posting content creates online presence but also indicates the writer?s expertise in his or her chosen field. As an industry expert, followers will find and trust you. This will expand your reach and generate new traffic. All LinkedIn users have the ability to publish relevant content. Once the information has gone live it can be promoted via the Company Page for added benefit.

6. Use LinkedIn Groups

Research current LinkedIn groups within your chosen field to see what is already available. Join these groups and begin networking and collaborating with colleagues and potential clients. Once you have a handle of what is currently available on LinkedIn, consider starting up a group of your own. Make sure it has a new, fresh angle and isn?t just copying what someone else has already done. This will position you as a leader and will encourage even more new connections.

7. Public Profile URL

When sharing the address to your LinkedIn page, it is better to have a personalized URL than a long, hard to remember web link. Not only will it make it easier to both remember and find your Company Page but it also lends credibility to what you are doing. A public profile that showcases your name or your business is a statement to professionalism and an integral part of your personal branding.

8. Mobile Networking

Mobile use is rapidly becoming the next big thing in marketing. Social media sites and search engines are starting to penalize websites that aren?t properly formatted for mobile. In our on-the-go society, more people are interacting with their social media on their smartphones than ever before. This is true for LinkedIn as well. This means you can be making connections, networking, and more while waiting in line or in a waiting room. The LinkedIn Connected app encourages you to keep in contact and make new connections. Don?t overlook the power of using LinkedIn even when you are away from your desk. However, be careful using LinkedIn mobile for connecting with people, as you aren?t easily able to personalize invitations. It is typically best to respond to connection requests on a desktop.

9. Showcase Pages

While a basic Company Page is enough, it can be beneficial to put up some Showcase Pages to demonstrate your company?s strengths. This is especially true for businesses with multiple niches or departments. While linking to your website is always a good idea, demonstrating what you do without the audience needing to leave LinkedIn has its benefits as well.

10. LinkedIn Publisher Stats

Monitoring your analytics is an essential part of the process when engaging on social media. LinkedIn?s Publisher Stats tracks quite a bit including audience demographics, viewers that are engaging with your content, and the life span of the things you are posting. This point of view gives business owners a clear and concise idea of what is effective and who it is reaching. It?s also an additional way to make connections with individuals that are following your content.

LinkedIn certainly has plenty of perks for business owners and those trying to get into social media. As with any other platform, it is vital to understand how the site is used and how best to benefit from it. Hopefully, these tips get you well on your way to being successful with LinkedIn and garnering new attention to your work.

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