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There are 3 places you need to be connecting on Social Media
(besides Facebook & Twitter)

#1 YouTube:
Check out Allison Howard – only wedding planner on YouTube with a partnership

What is a YouTube Partnership?
Partners have 75,000 cumulative watch hours over the last 90 days (WOW!)
Verified Channel – https://www.youtube.com/yt/creators/creator-benefits.html

What Video Can Do!
Allows you to share your personality
Narrows your funnel (AKA Saves Time = $$$ Saved)
Brings business to you!
(Remember Video IS the Future with 90% of Web Traffic driven by Video in 2015)

#2 Instagram:
Tell your story ?WHY?
Post inspiring, creative, eye-catching photos (stay true to your brand & you)
Share experiences
Inspire Action
Know your audience

Link to ?Wedding Instagram Accounts You Aren?t Following But Should Be?

#3 Pinterest:
1. Tell your story – but it MUST have an image embedded & link back to your blog post.
Tips for Images: Use real photos, Use light & visually appealing colors, Keep pins under 5000 pixels high, Create a unique, attention grabbing title or headline, Use online photo editors like PicMonkey to create easy, professional badges

2. Get your timing right
You only have 20-30 minutes for a pin to go viral on Pinterest
Prime times are 8AM & 8PM (Watch for when your followers are pinning!)
Pinterest added an Analytics module – you must ?Switch to the New Look? & verify your website

3. Pin New Stuff
Be Original
Take chances
Be interesting
Pin daily

4. Don?t Pin your own stuff all the time
Limit pins linking to your own products or blog posts to no more than 1x week

5. Build your platform
Pin a little bit every day
Follow people
Cross-post your pins to Facebook & Twitter
Show your personality

7. Sponsor Contests
Ask your followers to create boards based on a theme you select
Keep it simple – 2 step process: Create a board & tell you about it
Spell out rules clearly on website & link to blog post on dedicated contest board
Open & close your contest on time
Make a really big deal of announcing the winner! Publish winner?s board on your blog, talk about it on Twitter, FB, & Pinterest
Don?t over do it on the contests! So much of a good thing.

Additional Ideas
Be sure you have ?Pin It? button on every page of your website & blog
Create good website content people want to share
Pin tutorials & how-to content linking back to your site
Incorporate trending topics from Pinterest into board titles & pin descriptions
(94% increase in click-through for Pins featuring trending topics)

?Call to Action? ?Click Here? ?Comment Below? ??Repin This? increases engagement by 80%

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