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LinkedIn is social media for professionals! If you are an executive, sales, real estate, financial, recruiting, or any other corporate type industry you should be on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is where people go to find the right people to work with them or for them.

A survey was conducted in 2015 in Massachusetts and respondents included real estate professionals across the industry ? brokers, consultants, property owners, and other professionals. LinkedIn became the clear winner for the leading social media platform for the Real Estate industry. Over 53% of the people polled mentioned LinkedIn as being their top choice website. Facebook was a distant second with around 20% of professionals recommending it.

Any company engaging in a professional business, which relies on networking, should consider LinkedIn a top choice in terms of social media strategy.

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Did you know if you add a professional photo you are 14 times more likely to be found on LinkedIn? Ensure you have a complete profile, customized to showcase what you have to offer your clients or potential employers.

For more information on LinkedIn check out my friend, Viveka von Rosen's blog!

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