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Positivity + Social Media

Billions of people are on social media and the types of different interactions can vary drastically. Quite a bit of the content is productive, inspiring, and motivational, but there is also a lot of negativity and aggression to be found by browsing online. Who hasn?t seen an over-the-top political or religious post? What about someone complaining all the time? How about all those chain letters and false information? There is certainly plenty of finger pointing to be had when it comes to some of social media?s downfalls, but how can you make visiting sites like Facebook and Twitter a better experience?

Be Picky

Just because you know someone, or have had a conversation with him or her once, does not mean you need to follow or friend that person online. One of the major ways you can turn social media around is to be selective about who you follow. If an individual you have ?friend-ed? starts posting things you aren?t comfortable with or prefer not to be exposed to on a regular basis, don?t feel bad about severing the online connection. These are your feeds and you have the right to be picky about what type of information you receive.

If you don?t want to ?un-friend? them online you can easily click on the arrow on the right of the post & choose to ?hide post? so you will see less posts like that. There is also the option to ?Un-follow? which means you will stop seeing posts from the friend, but you still stay connected to them on Facebook.Unfollow/Hide

Set an Example

If you want your social media to be more positive, start by filling your feeds with things that make you feel good and inspire you. Be sincere and authentic. Get into a habit of trying to motivate and inspire the others around you. Share content promoting positivity.

Practice Self Control

Social media can be quite the time suck. It can be easy to get into a habit of scrolling when more important tasks need to be accomplished. This can leave you feeling dissatisfied, unmotivated and stressed out. Social media has its place but it?s best to not less it consume you. Schedule out specific blocks of time to check your feeds. Or use it as a reward, something to be done when finished with the major tasks of the day.

Make Other Connections

Engaging your audience on social media is critical. However, it?s also important to get out there and connect with people in person. Attend social gatherings. Hang out with your friends and family. Sign up for some networking events. Social media shouldn?t be the only type of human interaction you achieve each day.

Use Your Tools

Social media sites allow users to set their own privacy settings. Be sure to go through ALL of the settings to ensure you are sharing what you want with who you want. Set up specific lists or circles for sharing information. Be choosey about who you ?follow? versus who you ?friend? on Facebook. You can be friends with people and still not see the majority of what they post. Make these systems work to your benefit.

As with anything in life, moderation is important. Also, being selective about who is in your circles and what you follow will make a drastic improvement in the quality of your social media experience. Spend a little time maximizing the benefits to participating on these platforms and find ways to minimize all the negative aspects. A positive social media profile is, in a way, a big part of your reputation. Tend it carefully and it can help make you more successful!

Social media should be a positive experience, helping you connect with others that make you happy! #BePositive

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