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Keys to Social Media Success

1. Stay Focused ? Start out with a base strategy for your social media & keep your focus on achieving the goals you set out. If you are all over the place, followers will start to leave.

2. Be Consistent ? If you are posting daily & then you don?t post anything for a week, people will get bored & stop following.

3. Be Polite ? Common courtesy here people. You should not say anything online to someone that you wouldn?t say face-to-face.

4. Streamline your sharing ? Share your content on various platforms; use social media management tools to help make this process easy. There are many tools out there to choose from. Choose wisely!

5. Don?t rely on automation ? I mentioned using management tools, which are a great way to help save you time. However, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT rely solely on automation. People will know you aren?t being genuine. The point of social media is to be SOCIAL. So, be sure to engage with your fans & be yourself.

6. Don?t let it take over your work ? Unless social media is your job, like it is for me, then you probably have other parts of your business that need more of your attention. Keep that in mind & don?t let it consume too much of your precious time.

7. Set goals & stick with them ? As I mentioned before, you need a clear strategy before jumping into social media. Define your goals & what you would like to achieve from your social media efforts. If you are unsure, you want to consult with a social media consultant to help you determine what will work best for your business.

Good luck & here is a 1-page sheet to guide you:

Download this PDF now