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Facebook Marketing for Your Business

While a website is a crucial part of any company?s marketing strategy, another key player in developing an online presence is creating a business Facebook page. This is a free (or inexpensive) way to advertise a company that exposes the product or service to Facebook?s over 1.49 billion active users.

The main difference between a static website and a Facebook page is the potential for business owners to engage and interact with their audience. Another benefit is the fact that Facebook is simple and easy to use. Unlike editing a website, adding or removing content on Facebook is a snap.

If you are sold on the need to create a business page for your business, then here is a guide to starting your Facebook page and keeping it valuable for your target audience.

Getting Started2015-09-21_20-09-28

Before generating any content, a Facebook page will need to be created. Go to the site?s Create a Page section to get started. Select the option that best suits what your business represents. Then follow the prompts, filling in company information, logo, and demographics information. When the process is complete there will be a shiny new Facebook page. Then the next step is finding and keeping your audience.

Spread the Word

Now it?s time to share your page with your current client base. Don?t forget to send a link to friends, family, co-workers and various other connections. Those passionate about you and what you do will gladly share it on their lists and feeds. Post links to the page on your website as well so visitors can organically sign up.

Another great idea is to update your personal Facebook profile work experience to showcase your business. This is as simple as going to your ?About? section & updating your ?Work & Education? section. Click & start typing your business Facebook page. It should populate , then add your title, and be sure to click the box that you currently work here.

Smart Content

Getting customers to view your page is easy but encouraging them to come back is a bit tougher. This is where content management is essential. Make certain what you post is interesting or informative to your audience. Viewers don?t like spam or off topic posts.

Is it easy to read? Have you incorporated keywords and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to encourage the search engines to rank the content higher on their lists? Consider adding links to your website to increase the value of the posts.

Be Authentic2015-09-21_20-49-46

Social media users are intelligent. They can tell if a site is real or simply a background or placeholder for a company. They will test limits and ask questions and complain. It is not difficult to tell when a business is just using its social media instead of really participating in it. Being authentic means taking accountability for errors or mistakes and being honest with followers.

Consistency is Key

Nothing is more annoying than finding a social media page for a product or service and then discovering it hasn?t been updated in ages. That is a simple and fast way to turn the audience away. Consistently posting is key to ensuring followers aren?t lost. Consistency doesn?t necessarily mean posting 10+ times a day. In fact, too much content can be just as bad as none.

Set a schedule and stick to it. Whether that is daily, weekly or monthly ? set up a system that makes certain to keep you on top of posting content. This lets viewers know what to expect and that your business is still in the game.

Value of Visuals2015-09-21_20-41-48

Social media is definitely a visual tool and sharp, clean images draw more attention than any block of text ever could. Statistics show content with images get 94% more total views than text alone. Pictures grab the eye and are processed faster. Even textbooks understand the value of breaking up large blocks of text with graphics and color. To keep the attention of your audience, adding images is an essential element of designed social media content.

This post to the left received over 700 “likes” and 324 shares in less than 24 hours if gives you an idea for how people respond to images.

There are many tools out there to help you create captivating images. In fact, I wrote a blog post on my favorite tool – Canva!


The true perk of social media is the ability to start conversations with consumers. A static Facebook page that isn?t monitored is missing out on prime opportunities to connect with people. If someone likes or comments on a post, there should be a response within a timely fashion. Sharing the content of others promotes a business relationship that could be beneficial for both parties. Engagement is the real star when investing in social media.

Once a content schedule has been implemented it is time to get creative with the page to generate different results and increase engagement. Create polls to promote interactions on the page. Utilize the events section to advertise your upcoming projects & events. Develop contests to motivate a higher level of interest and visibility. All of these tools will enhance engagement and interaction with followers.

You CAN Do It!

While it may seem overwhelming at first, setting up a Facebook page is actually easy to do and very worthwhile. Don?t expect the moon at first ? using and sharing will gradually increase the amount of interest the page generates. Facebook pages can also be used to network, collaborate with others, and to spread awareness on topics that matter.

Click here for step-by-step instructions from Beth Bridges at Social Bridges on How To Setup a Facebook Business Page!

Want more detailed information on optimizing your Facebook page? Get your copy of the Social Media Checklist!

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