Essential Steps for Finding the RIGHT Social Media Manager

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Erin Cell

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Erin Cell, is the Founder & CEO of Socially Powered, LLC. helping business owners Power Up their online presence since 2012. Erin trains and speaks on social media around the world focusing on strategy, Instagram and marketing for blockchain, cryptocurrency and events..

Looking to hire a social media manager?

There are four steps to help you find the right match for your social media needs.

#1 Find out the plan: When researching potential social media managers, a business owner needs to ask what the plan is. Some social media managers may simply set up Facebook and Twitter and post once a week. However, an established social media manager will have a well-developed strategy & plan in place to help reach your desired social media goals, rather that be increasing engagement, getting more likes to your page, or promoting your products.

#2 Find out what they offer: When looking to hire a social media manager to manage your companies social media you will need to ask what they do on a daily basis. Will they be the person posting, writing, & creating your content? If not, who will be? Are they outsourcing your business & brand to someone else? Be sure to clearly define what types of content they will be posting & how often on each platform.

#3 What is their track record: When choosing a social media manager you need to make sure they have a proven track record. Ask to see other clients profiles or campaigns they have worked on & the results they achieved. If they can't show you results, then you may want to move on & find someone else to help you.

#4 Ask why you should hire them: Finally, when looking for a person to manage your social media accounts, they should be able to tell you in a clear & concise message why you should hire them. Social media managers have different strengths, make sure they are in alignment with your business goals & what you would like to see accomplished with your social networks.

If you are able to get clear & concise answers from your potential social media manager in the beginning the chances of you working together to create a successful social media presence is greatly improved.

Remember, take your time & be sure it's a good fit for you & your company.