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Creating Visual Content with Canva! (My favorite tool!)

There are many types of visual content you can create using a simple online tool, Canva!

Types of Visual Content you can Create with Canva

Canva is an awesome online site where you can create all kinds of visual content. What kind you may ask? Well there are many different visuals you can create such as business cards, cover photos, presentations, fliers, Infographics, and ads/specials/ coupons. When making your visuals you have to consider the different avenues you are using for the image. Each social media platform has its own preferred image sizes, so you can?t take a one-size-fits-all approach to image creation. Instead you need to make sure the image looks good on each platform. This means you may have multiple versions of the same visual; this is where Canva becomes very helpful. Canva helps with this by providing templates formatted to current guidelines.

Be on the lookout: Canva for Work is coming soon which will make creating multiple versions of visuals for posting on various social platforms super simple!

Here?s a link to be notified when it?s available: Canva for Work

Facebook posts
When creating visual content for Facebook here are a few tips to use. Images with dominant colors such as red, dark green, & pink tend to get 3 times the amount of likes and shares. Another tip is to show people?s faces, especially smiling faces. This makes the image more relateable and also targets the emotions of a viewer. Make sure the visuals fit you! Be yourself, authenticity is very important as well as being unique because it sets you a part from everyone else. Before use post something or add a random visual make sure you ask yourself is this relevant to my topic and my audience? Make sure you have a bold focal point and the message is clear. You don?t want a busy visual because it will be overwhelming and then the viewer will take away nothing instead of your point.

Cover photos
Consider changing your cover photo monthly or quarterly or when you have upcoming events, sales, specials. The reason for this is because using the same image for too long is boring for people who visit your page. Add a call to action directing people to sign up for your newsletter, shop, visit your website, contact us, book now, if you have this option you increase potential for new clients.

Canva just added this feature to create Infographics. Infographics convey large chunks of interesting information in a visually captivating way. They create an impact and capture attention with a single image. This is a great way to share a lot of information that may seem boring to read but when combined in a visual can show correlations between a lot of information in a clear and concise point. Infographics have been increasing in their use in the world today.

Keep in mind if you are advertising on Facebook you can only have 20% text in the image itself. Canva makes this possible to follow these parameters and still capture your audience.

Canva combines many of the essential visual aspects you need to market your business well. I personally use Canva in many areas of my business. We are in a visual time and Canva allows us to continue with the times in an easy to use site.