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Creating POWER Content

Last week I presented on a panel for Denver Startup Week about “Becoming an Influencer”. As I was preparing for our panel I was thinking about what you need to consider when creating content online to establish yourself as an influencer in your industry. I developed the mnemonic device POWER content for two reasons. First, to help me remember what I wanted to say. 😉 Second, to help you remember it afterward.

When it comes to social media, creating high quality content is the number one essential rule. Content can consist of really anything at all, but only powerful posts truly make an impact.

Follow these tips to create POWER content for your business:

P – Personal Relationships

The whole idea of social media is to be, social, right? Taking the time to build personal relationships online is one of the keys to success. Once people Know, Like, and Trust you, they will follow you online and start to become part of your tribe. Begin building your online relationships by following others back, commenting, “liking”, and sharing their information. Start conversations, engage, and respond to others.

O ? On-going Content

To truly get the most benefit out of your social marketing platforms you must be consistent. Make sure what you are posting fits with your brand and your business. Create an editorial calendar to ensure you are posting on a regular basis. It?s not a requirement to post something on social media every day, but you need a consistent routine. If you typically post on a daily basis and then disappear for a week, you will lose a portion of your audience. I recommend posting a minimum of 3x per week original content and sharing others content other days. This doesn't need to take a lot of time to do, in fact, you can do it in less than 15 minutes per day or block out an hour a week & schedule your content to go out based on your editorial calendar.

W ? Want

Ask yourself (or your current clients) what do they want? Take the time to find out what makes your clients tick. Track what posts get the most amount of engagement and then capitalize on the popularity by repeating that type of content. What can you offer current or potential customers? Not selling them, but through sharing information, tips, tricks, & useful hints. You build trust by helping others. Consider what it is they are looking for online and how can you deliver what they want?

E ? Engagement

Engage with your followers and others in your industry. Don?t just post about your company and what you sell. Ask questions. Respond to their comments. Share their content or refer their services when you can. Mention or feature them individually from time to time. Find creative ways to interact with your followers. An example of a company doing an awesome job of this is Warby Parker. The company frequently respond to customers using the same methods they were contacted…check out this video response to a customer: Warby Parker Home Try-On Help

R ? Relevant

Showcase yourself as an expert in your field or niche. Post industry updates that is relevant to your readers. If you are a plumber & you are posting about caring for your garden you may lose followers. Your audience probably doesn?t care about gardening and didn?t follow your page to learn? about horticulture. You can share bits of yourself online as this helps your followers relate to you on a personal level, but try to stay relevant to your industry.

We'd love to hear how you are using POWER content for your business.

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