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What the Blab?

If you haven't heard of Blab.im yet…you will! Blabbing is all the rage. Everyone is doing it…seriously! There are cooking shows, fitness, dating, game shows, marketing, entrepreneurs, musicians, & more. You name it you can probably find it on Blab. If you can't – start your own!

What is Blab.im?

It's a live streaming video platform that allows you to have 4 people online discussing various topics. Viewers can watch the blab live or catch it after the fact if the Blab was recorded (the host has the option). Viewers of the Blab can communicate on the right side with each other & the hosts. You can also Tweet the Blab to all of your Twitter followers on the left side of the Blab by clicking on the “Tell a Little Bird” button. 2015-09-16_14-27-55


Blab is still in beta & they are making changes to it daily. In fact, they have already changed “Feels” to “Props”? to let the speaker know you “Like” what they are saying!

I've been Blabbing on some various channels & you can check them out here:

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Be sure to “follow” me on Blab to be notified when I'm on by clicking here!

If you want to learn more about Blab.im & how to use it check out this blog post from Kristi Hines and Social Media Examiner: 15 Blab Tips

Hope to see you soon on an upcoming Blab!