3 Tips to Master Social Media Advertising with Andrea Vahl

At the Digital Commerce Summit, I had the opportunity to speak with Andrea Vahl. Andrea had just gotten done presenting ?How to Rock Your Social Ads to Sell Digital Stuff?, and she agreed to give us her top three tips for all social advertising. If you?re doing any advertising on social sites, you?ll want to watch this video.


Andrea?s first tip was: ?Make sure you?ve got your social ad pixel on your website.?This will allow you to track your conversions. Tracking is very important, and Andrea recommends you put this pixel in as soon as possible. Tracking will help you do some targeting, which will help you optimize your ads. You can optimize around website clicks, but that traffic might not necessarily be buying your stuff. You want to be able to tell that you?re getting the results you want.

[Tweet theme=”basic-white”]Make sure you?ve got your social ad pixel on your website. – @AndreaVahl[/Tweet]

Her next tip is to do split tests. Split tests help you test response. You should be testing your demographics in different campaigns and tracking the results. Each social media platform has different targeting capabilities. Once you test demographics, try using different images. See where you get the best possible conversion by integrating these different tests.

Andrea?s third tip is to set up your ad reports to watch your conversions. Make sure you watch regularly, and optimize around your true goal. Andrea explains, ?Sometimes I find that cost per click is high, but cost for conversion is better?.?If your goal is conversion, that is where your value lies, and what you should compare to come up with the better option. Watch your reports, and think about what you want to achieve.

Bonus Tip:?Facebook will automatically check the placement you have on an ad on Instagram as well. ?Un-check? placement on boosted posts. Remember, you are optimizing around what you want to achieve. Clicks on an Instagram post are not going to serve your goal.

Optimizing your advertisement around what you want to achieve is the goal. With these tips from Andrea, you?ll be a master of social media advertising in no time.

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