Why You Need to Tell Your Story Online

Part of what makes your business appealing to other people is the story behind it. In this video, I?m discussing the importance of storytelling with Hollie Clere of the Social Media Advisor. YOUR story is important! Hollie has a few tips to share on telling your story through your social media page.

Tip 1: ?Don?t be boring!

Hollie strictly recommends you avoid a boring story in your ?about? section. Many people describe the facts in this section, such as ?I was established in 1957. . .?, but Hollie says ?That is not a story?.

All social media platforms have a place for a good bio. Hollie recommends it be keyword friendly and rich with who you want to work with. She says the elements you want to capture are the pain points you solve, your niche, and your ideal client. Many times you might be working with limited characters, so don?t be afraid to use emojis or bullets! Emojis make it fun for your eyes!

Tip 2: Make everything branded

Hollie and I are both big fans of branding. I even brand myself, by wearing my company colors and incorporating them in my everyday style through nail polish. Branding isn?t just your company logo or colors. It?s also bringing out your personality and letting people know who you are. Incorporate your brand and your personality on your social media page. As Hollie reminds us, ?People do business with people they like, know and trust.?

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Tip 3: ?If you?re not actually sharing your story, you?re doing it wrong.

Hollie says, ?You need to have consistency in your status updates and in your website.? She goes on to say there may have been a time where an online presence was not as important, but now people want to research. Your online presence proving you?re an established business is your social proof. You need to have social proof in addition to your website.

You?ve also got to know what your online presence says about you. I had a recent experience with a client which revealed a company they hired was not practicing what they advertised, and had terrible online reviews. When people look up your business on social media, try to think about what they will see. Hollie says to ask yourself if you are sharing content that is valuable, are you engaging with your followers, and look at your reviews. ?These are the important aspects to pay attention to in your online marketing efforts.

With these three tips, you?ll be on your way to creating a solid online presence that is attractive and marketable.

If you want to connect with Hollie you can find her here:

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