Social Media Buttons: How to Add to Your Email Signature

Social Media Buttons

How to Add to Your Email SignatureSocially Powered Email Signature

I am often being asked the question, “How did you get the cute social media buttons with links to your platforms on your email signature?” Well, it's pretty quick & simple to do. In this blog post, I will walk you through the steps!



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As social media takes on a more vital role in our marketing, it is important businesses be able to easily advertise the social media platforms they use regularly. Having links on a company?s website is essential, but another area to make an even greater impact is in your email signature. Email signatures already contain a variety of different means of communication and social media should be a part of that endeavor.

People could simply type in hyperlinks to the bottom of their email signatures, but placing a row of social media buttons appeals to the visual user in all of us. In fact, images tend to draw our eye and grab attention in a way text simply does not.

Here are the steps to quickly and easily add social media buttons to your email signature.

Choose Your Social Media Buttons

First, you have to select the social media icons you want to use. There are a lot of options available. Doing a simple Google images search will come up with a quite a few. Some are free to use while others may need to be purchased. You can download them as a group or individually. If you?d like a group of icons to more closely matches your company?s brand, hiring a graphic designer is a good idea.

Social Media Buttons

Inserting the Social Media Buttons

In order to insert an image into an email signature, it must first be uploaded to the Internet. This should be via a site you host or manage in some way. If you insert an image on a site someone else manages, you run the risk of them moving, changing or deleting the picture at any time.

Google has actually made it easier to do this by putting a feature into Gmail to allow users to add pictures from their Google Drive account. There is an option to choose and display images from Google Drive under Gmail Settings > General. Look for the Signature area and mark ?Insert Image? and select a visual, which has been uploaded to your Google Drive.

social media buttons images

Make certain you also go to Drive > Sharing settings > Sharing options and enable external sharing of files in your Drive from the Admin area as well.

Hyperlink the Social Media Buttons

Once you have the icons in your signature, you will need to link them to their respective social media pages. The buttons will need to be separate images in order to link each one to a different platform.

Go into the Signature area of the Settings page. Select the image you have inserted and click on the ?Link? icon ? it looks like a chain. Add your hyperlink to Web Address field. Make certain to save your changes.

social media buttons hyperlink

There you have it! It may take a few minutes to pick out just the right social media buttons, insert and get them linked, but then you will have an email signature with a direct connection to all your social media accounts. Yay!

Good luck & feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

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