Let's connect @erincell

Let's connect @erincell

Snapchat Success

(1 of a 4 part Snapchat Success Series)

With over 200 million active users per day and 8 billion daily video views, Snapchat is taking the?on the social media kings to carve out its own loyal followers. With sponsors like CNN, The Daily Mail & Cosmopolitan, Snapchat has become an almost overnight marketing success.

But what is Snapchat and how can you use this in your business?

Imagine a platform where you could communicate with your followers as though you were in the?same room. The conversations flowing around you are fleeting, and therefore precious. It forces?you to listen, to interact, and to be in the moment.

Snapchat offers just that. It allows you to share temporary photos, videos, and messages (also known?as ?snaps?) with a detonation timer. These precious moments will last from one to ten seconds?before disappearing forever. You view it and it?s gone (kind of).

It?s come a long way since its launch in September 2011. The Ghost icon has become universally?known as a regular part of social media designators. Superstars, influencers, musicians, authors, chefs, and sports icons?all use this program to connect directly with their fans.

To understand Snapchat, you have to learn a little bit about how it works.

Snaps, Stories, and Chat

Snaps are the photos and videos that disappear after a few seconds. It?s the main part of the app,?and part of its initial charm. Users can add lenses, filters, captions, geofilters and drawings to each Snap.?Note, direct Snaps are sent to individuals rather than all your followers.

Stories are a collection of Snaps played in a dedicated order. These stories can be viewed by?any of your followers, so this is an important part of your global marketing initiative. Unlike?Snaps, Stories will last up to twenty-four hours after being posted. They can also be re-watched?as often as an individual wishes during that time frame. To replay a Snapchat Story, swipe from?the bottom of the screen. Best part about Stories is you can download them daily for re-purposing them on other platforms. In addition, since Snapchat added Memories you can save them on Snapchat for future viewing.

The Chat feature allows you to message individuals like you would in any other social media?messaging service with one exception: you choose what parts of a message are saved and?everything else is deleted once the chat window closes. You can send text, video, emojis, bitmojis, & actually make calls!


There are so many amazing, inspirational & motivational people to follow on Snapchat, but I want to give you a couple of my favorites.?You won't regret following these peeps! (promise)

Here are their Snapchat usernames (go follow them, seriously!)?

  • @ginicanbreathe
  • @joelcomm
  • @garyvee
  • @johnleedumas
  • @isocialfanz

Bitmoji + Snapchat

Snapchat recently added Bitmoji to the mix. Which takes Snapchat to the next level. What is great about Bitmoji + Snapchat is if you are messaging with someone you are connected to & you both have Bitmoji connected you can send chats with both of your Bitmoji's. FUN!

Now that you?ve learned a little bit about Snapchat, why don?t you set up an account? Snapchat?is a mobile-only app, so you?ll need to download it from your Android or iOS app store. When?you set up your username, make sure you keep your brand in mind.

Once you set up your account, we?ll be ready to move into the next part of our series: Finding?Followers. Stay Tuned!

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