Snapchat Success: Influencers and Brands

(4 of a 4 part Snapchat Success Series)

Let's connect @erincell

Let's connect @erincell

Welcome to the final post on Snapchat Success Series. Let's talk about Influencers and Brands on Snapchat.

What is an influencer? This is an individual or account on the platform which generates a lot of attention. They tend to be experts in their chosen field or platform and they have a large following already.

An influencer is a keystone to marketing your brand to your followers. This type of marketing uses other individuals to help spread your messages. If you attract the attention of an influencer you can create a mutually beneficial connection which will allow you to market to their audience (and vice versa).

To find influencers in your niche, consider the following steps:

  1. Identify key product or brand influencers who relate to your own brand (and message).
  2. Create a campaign directed at those influencers
  3. Create a second marketing strategy for the influencers to use, which, in turn, drives greater awareness to a larger target group of potential customers and/or clients.
  4. Track metrics related to your campaigns to ensure future success.
  5. Come up with ideas that will entice influencers to team up with you to market and promote each other on the app.

Whether you have your own influencers or find them through modern day Snapchat celebrities, you need to ensure you have a quality campaign ready to go.

Branding in Snapchat is a little different than any other social media outlet because of the time-sensitive nature of Snaps. There are three key components to successful branding: Content, Community, and Commerce. You can either release these in individual Snaps or as one complete Story.

Content: In your content Snap or Story, you?ll need to highlight your product, design, etc. We?ll use an example: An Etsy seller has a product and wants to Snap a discount code to his followers. He Snaps a picture of himself, the item, or some other eye catching thing related to his store, and lets everyone know he has a discount code coming. Remember, you want people to take action, but you need them to see the message first.

[Tweet theme=”basic-white”]Pro Tip: Don?t hesitate to draw, use filters, etc. to get people more interested in your Snap. #Snapchat #SocialMedia[/Tweet]

Community: In another Snap or Story, get people interested further by posting funny or engaging content. The Etsy seller shows Snaps of funny ways the product can be used with a reminder about the upcoming discount code. Share stories about the development of your product or funny anecdotes about previous events. These are just some examples. The sky is the limit with Snapchat.

In Action: A famous author used the community aspect to Snap images of her new release in different book stores across town with a request for others to Snap it from theirs. This created a large following thanks to several active influencers.

Commerce: Calls to Action require a time-critical push. Since Snaps and Stories are limited already (remember only 24 hours), the sense of urgency is greater. These Snaps and Stories must have a clear call to action with a location. In our Etsy seller example, the discount code is finally released. It?s written across a Snap with a limited time offer, and his Etsy store link is written in the description.

BONUS TIP: Consider connecting with influencers & having them do a takeover of your account or even better a SnapSwap.?

Definition: Takeover is when they log in as you & do snaps on your account. SnapSwap is when you swap accounts & you reach their audience & they reach yours. Plus, it's fun!

Now that you?ve completed our Snapchat series, we hope you?ll take the next step in expanding your brand and influence to a new world of potential clients and customers. We sincerely hope our Snapchat Success?series has made it easier and less stressful to incorporate Snapchat into your current social media and marketing strategy.


Happy Snapping! Be sure to connect with me @erincell or scan the Snapcode above.

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