Twitter: Top 6 Tips

Erin Cell of Socially Powered and Hollie Clere of The Social Media Advisor with Special Guest: Beth Johnston of Social Bridges discuss Twitter Tips to help make your brand known.

Social Seven ? Social Media Podcast

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Beth Johnston of Social Bridges joined us on the Social Seven podcast and she has some social media tips for our audience. This is a 101 class for individuals already on Twitter, but are more interested in getting their brand recognized on the platform. Here are six tips for companies who would like to get started on Twitter.

Twitter is known as the cocktail party of social media. You?ve got 140 characters or less to make your point and to make it a solid, clear statement. It?s a quick to respond platform. You need to monitor Twitter and respond when mentioned.

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Follow us @SociallyPowered

Top 6 Tips for Making Your Brand Known on Twitter

Tweet About Your Business

People are following you because they are interested in your business. You are the expert so post industry information. Behind the scenes posts are interesting. Use Twitter to educate.

Make Yourself the Local Expert

This is especially true if you have a local storefront. Tweet about events, activities and special occasions going on in your area. Tweet about what is going on. Reach out to people interested in your area and showcase your knowledge.


Twitter is known for quick conversations. Encourage more of that by tweeting questions. Make it about your followers.


Hashtags are critical. Using the # symbol before a trending word or phrase will draw new followers to your account helping you reach a wider audience.


Mentions is when Twitter users put the @ symbol before another user?s Twitter handle. This is a way to draw attention to a specific user, highlight them, ask them a public question, or just start a conversation. If you want to ensure your response is shown to the users followers be sure to add something before the ?@? symbol – it can be anything, but most people use a ?.? period because it?s not noticeable

[Tweet theme=”basic-border”]Ensure your response is shown to all followers by adding a “.” before the ?@? symbol![/Tweet]

80/20 Rule

As with any social media marketing, it?s important to use the 80/20 Rule on Twitter. This means only spending 20% of the time (or less) on self promotion and the rest of the time on content that is interesting to the audience.

Learn more about Beth and her company by visiting:

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