Embrace the Power of Twitter

Embrace the Power of TwitterEmbrace the Power of Twitter-2

How to be an Expert in 140 characters or less

Why do you need Twitter? I?m sure you think you can do just fine online without Twitter – and you may be able to, but there are plenty of reasons to incorporate Twitter into your marketing efforts – including 310 Million Active users. 30% of those users in the US are active on Twitter, which means you can potentially reach over 90 million people.?

find your tribe.love them hard.

As with all social media it is about making connections with people online. The first thing you need to consider when getting started on Twitter is to find your tribe & love them hard!

How do you do this you may be asking yourself?

You need to understand your audience. Clearly define who it is you want to reach online and determine what is they are interested in.

Ask yourself these questions:?

  • Are they male or female? How old? Married? Single? Kids?
  • What are they interested in?
  • What are their biggest problems?
  • How can ?you help answer their questions or provide solutions?
  • The more clearly you can answer these questions the better able you are to find your tribe online.

Share the LOVE!

Follow back, like, retweet, & comment on your followers posts. Share content from other sources AND from your tribe! People love it when you share their posts. It shows you care about them. Always be giving them valuable information – be a resource!

Ask More Questions!

Find out from your followers what they want to know. Ask them for feedback. People love to share their opinion – especially online! Consider creating a poll to make it easy for them to do.

How do you plan to Embrace the Power of Twitter this Valentines Day?

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