Top 10: Power Profiles on LinkedIn

Top 10: Power Profiles on LinkedIn

When it comes to online networking, LinkedIn is the place to be for the professionals looking to get ahead through the power of social media. LinkedIn allows busy professionals to network, prospect and build an online presence. One of the mistakes many people on LinkedIn make is not spending time developing their profile. A powerful profile is a person?s calling card. A potential customer will spend time trying to get to know you and your business online before they ever bother to meet or talk to you. What your profile does or doesn?t say can make a huge impact on whether or not a prospect will give you the time of day.


Here are some suggestions to power up the effectiveness of your LinkedIn profile:

Don't Do this on LinkedIn

What NOT to do on LinkedIn

Profile Picture ? A mistake some users make when they build their profile is to assume (you know what assuming does, right?) LinkedIn is similar to Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms. LinkedIn is a site for career professionals. This means your profile picture should be professional, and not a selfie. Absolutely include a photo as profiles without them are often considered inactive, inefficient or spammy. Give viewers an opportunity to see the real you and establish a feeling of trust.




Are you an All-Star on LinkedIn?

Profile Completion ? Yes, there is a lot of details that go into completely filling out your LinkedIn profile. However, the more information you provide ? the easier it is for people to feel like they know, love and trust you. Plus, the site is designed to promote finished profiles over partially completed ones. This is probably why LinkedIn states users with a completed profile are 40% more likely to be successful on the platform.




Interesting Headline ? It may be only 120 characters long, but the headline that goes directly under your name on LinkedIn has more significance than it might seem. When your name appears anywhere on the platform, typically this headline is displayed alongside it. It can be tempting to just leave it as your title and company, but there are so many other creative ways to use the space. Spend some time coming up with a creative way to intrigue site users so they will be tempted to visit your profile. Consider using bullet points or stars to break up text.

Summary ? Now that you have your headline squared away, it?s time to figure out what to do with all the valuable real estate you have in the summary section. This isn?t a place for boring bullet lists or a biography of your professional history. You have room here to really make an impact? grab your elevator speech, spice it up, and be certain to incorporate bits of your personality as well. Once you have it populated, go back and inject your keywords to make your page even more searchable.

Keywords ? Speaking of keywords, LinkedIn is its own search engine. This means having a keyword-loaded profile is essential. Figure out what your main keywords are, if you haven?t already, and then make sure to disperse them throughout your profile. This includes the summary, work history (title and description), tagline and anywhere else you can fit them in. Don?t understand how keywords work? Check out this article to figure it out.

LinkedIn URL ? Did you know you could change the URL for your LinkedIn profile? Everyone automatically gets a generic link, but there is an option to customize, so it is easier to share and use while networking and prospecting. If we aren't connected on LinkedIn let's connect! Please be sure to let me know you are connecting because you read this blog. You never want to send the generic message to potential connections. Be sure to customize the message! Note: You need to do this on your computer, not from a phone.

Here's my link:

Websites ? You can also customize the default labels LinkedIn puts on your profile for website listings. The site allows users to add up to three different site links and includes standard ?My Company? and ?My Blog? titles. However, you can change those headings to something more suitable for what you are planning to display. Simply edit your contact info, websites, & choose “other” to change the label description.LinkedIn

Skills ? You might be tempted to skip over this section altogether. After all, your work history already displays your skill set and strengths, right? LinkedIn lets you pick up to 50 skills from their database and this is also searchable within the platform. Therefore, spend some time filling that skills section with terms to make you easier to locate. Be sure you put the Top 10 skills you want to be endorsed for first. LinkedIn let's you rearrange the skills easily. Endorsements are another great engagement tool for interacting with people you know on the site.LinkedIn

Recommendations ? Have some pleased clients or brand ambassadors who love to talk about what you do and refer business? Ask them to write a recommendation for you on LinkedIn. These recommendations show up on your profile and are a great way to demonstrate your trustworthiness. Be sure to reciprocate as a gesture of gratitude by leaving recommendations on their profiles.

Video ? Everything online is going visual and online video is really popular right now. Create a video about you, your company or your services and embed it into your summary. This will make a video automatically part of your profile and will make your page more interesting and inviting. After all, video is 800 times more effective than text!

It may seem like quite a few steps, but maximizing your LinkedIn profile potential can be so rewarding. This is especially true if you are planning to use the site for networking or prospecting. If you are going to use the site, might as well do what you can to achieve the best possible results!

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