Facebook 101

Erin Cell of Socially Powered and Hollie Clere of The Social Media Advisor chat with Special Guest: Beth Johnston of Social Bridges about Facebook 101 Tips!

Social Seven ? Social Media Podcast

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facebookBeth Johnston of Social Bridges joined us on the?Social Seven podcast?and she shared some valuable Facebook tips for our audience.

Here are some basic Facebook tips for business owners to get started and post on a regular basis. Even experienced Facebook users may find some of this information valuable because there are so many basic ideas for doing business on this social platform. Here are some tips to get started:

Business Page

You need to have a business page to promote your company. Do not use your personal page to market your business. If you do & Facebook finds out they may shut your page down.

The business page is set up for businesses to help them look professional. Also, there are a lot of features for business pages that aren?t available for personal pages. One of those is the ability to purchase paid advertising. Be careful with sharing your business posts on your personal page. Those who want to follow your company will like your business page. Don?t spam your personal friends and family.

[Tweet theme=”basic-border”]Don?t be ?spammy? ? Carefully consider how often you share business posts on your personal page.[/Tweet]

Local Area or Neighborhood

Post about your area, especially if you have a storefront. You want to position yourself as the neighborhood expert. Find local events, news, fun things to do in town and share with your audience.

Use Images

Always use a graphic, photo or other image when posting to your social networks. 90% of the population are visual learners. They are going to be scrolling through their newsfeed quickly, especially on their mobile devices, and if you don?t use the three seconds to grab their attention you will miss the opportunity to engage with them. Some people are afraid of images. This is understandable since you can run into copyright issues if you aren?t careful. You can?t steal them from Google Images, but you can use images from Google if you follow the correct process. All you need to do is ?Google? what type of image you are looking for, click ?Images?, then click ?Search Tools?, last ?Labeled for Reuse?.

Google Images - Labeled for Reuse

There are a lot of places online to get free stock photos to work with. Google ?free stock photos? & you will find plenty to get started. If you are going to add a link, often Facebook will automatically post an image based on the link. Recent changes to Facebook allow you pick an image. *Awesome!*

Targeted Advertising

Facebook is great about targeting specific demographics. You can quickly target an ad to a specific group of users. Plus, it?s affordable. Business owners can purchase anywhere from $3 to $30,000 worth of Facebook advertising ? depending on their needs and budget.


One of the ways to engage with your tribe is to run a simple contest. It doesn?t have to be crazy or big. Could be as simple as posting a picture of your favorite beer label and pick a winner later. Ask a question and start a conversation. Make sure you engage with your audience. Always!

Show that You Care

Show your customers you care. If someone comes into your storefront and buys something, tag them on Facebook and publically thank them. Build up those relationships since that is what social media is all about.

Learn more about Beth and her company by visiting her website: Social Bridges

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