10 Facebook Features You May Not Know About

facebook-254165_640There are billions of people posting and checking their Facebook feeds this second. Many features of this social media giant are intuitive and a part of our daily routines, however, there are some you may not be aware of…

Facebook ? as a company ? actively promotes new features to encourage users to stay on their site longer. Therefore, they are consistently adding new options and making changes to their site. Some are geared towards regular users and others are more functional for people that use Facebook for business.

When Facebook makes big changes, that information tends to be broadcast all over the media. Not every change is high profile though, and there are plenty of features that get implemented that most users aren?t even aware exist. Here is a breakdown of ten little known Facebook features that you should be aware of and utilizing in your marketing efforts.

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1.?Tagging People on Your Business Page

Ever wanted to tag people on a post on your business page? On the surface, it appears that fan or business pages do not allow users to tag individual personal profiles. Turns out it is possible to tag people, if you know how. Go to the page you manage and then hit ?Edit Post?. While editing, simply put the @ symbol in front of the person?s name to tag them just like you would on a personal profile post.

2. Pinning Posts

This trick can be especially useful if you publish a lot of content or if there is a particular post you really want to promote. On the top right corner of the post there is a drop down menu. From this?menu, you can select ?Pin To Top?. This will keep the?specific post at the top of your page?s feed until you go back and unpin it. This will increase the message?s visibility for viewers on your page feed. You can only have one pinned post at a time, so make it count!

3. Pay Attention to the Competition

Many business page users on Facebook do not realize all the helpful features of the Insights section of the platform. Within Insights, users can actually track and monitor the posts from their competitors because it will list their top posts. Handy tool for keeping a gauge on what similar companies are doing with their social media feed.

4. Curate on the Go

Occasionally when we scroll Facebook we find content that would be great to share or repurpose in some way. Maybe an article sparks some inspiration for a blog post? Or an infographic shows up that could spark a conversation with your audience? It is not always convenient to save or store this content on the go. Good thing Facebook has a ?Save for Later? feature which?allows users an organized way to save content to come back to later.

screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-5-20-33-pm5. Notification Problems?

Love the interaction and engagement your Facebook page gets but get annoyed at all the notifications? These often pop up in your personal Facebook feed as well. Simply go to the settings for your business page and select ?Mark all notifications as read? in the top right hand corner.

6. Facebook Ads Tricks

Purchasing Facebook Ads just adds a whole other level to monitor your business page. This includes more notifications and emails based on ad performance and maintenance. There are ways to trim down the level of notices in relation to your ads. One is to go to settings within the Manage Ads section. There is a notification section which?allows users to pick and choose notifications they prefer receiving.

Another nifty?tool within the Manage Ads section enables page managers to check their ads based on relevance. The Relevance Score is Facebook?s metric for determining which ads will be more appealing, based on a viewer?s interest &?interactions on the site. This score is a measurement available to page managers to help them with their ads strategy.

7. Post Filteringscreen-shot-2016-09-19-at-5-27-58-pm

Did you know you can filter your page by the type of post? Within the Activity Log in page settings there is an option to choose a specific type of post to view. There are a variety of options to choose from, so this tool can be quite useful if you need to retrieve a particular type of post.

8. Keep Your History

Have you ever wanted to get a local copy of your Facebook feed as a back-up or a tool for research and strategy? You can! Facebook allows users to download their entire Facebook history. Go into settings and look for ?Download a copy.? This type of information is valuable when used for analytics and strategic planning.

9. Interests Lists

Find the sheer amount of content on Facebook to be overwhelming? You can create different interest lists to narrow down and organize the site?s information. These lists can be developed to focus on industry, medium, interests, or area. To create an interest list simply scroll on the left side of your home pages until you see Interests. Then you click?screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-5-25-36-pm

From here you have the option of following interest lists others have created or create your own. Easy!

10. Facebook Fans

One common area of frustration with Facebook pages is there doesn?t appear to be a way to view the page?s followers or fans. There is a back door trick for accessing this list. In page settings look for Banned Users. Click on the Banned dropdown menu to find an option for People Who Like This. There you will find your list of fans.

Hopefully, some of these little known Facebook features will help you make your Facebook strategy more measureable. It should also make using the platform just a bit less frustrating as well.

Have other Facebook tips & tricks? We love hearing about how you are using Facebook for your business!

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