Tools of the Trade: Buffer

Social Seven ? Social Media Podcast

With Erin Cell of Socially Powered and Hollie Clere of The Social Media Advisor

July 26, 2015

Buffer is a content discovery, creation and management tool to increase engagement and save time searching for relevant information to share with your audience. Content can be discovered or created within the tool and scheduled for posting across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+.

There is a queue where content can be added and then scheduled and posted as desired. This allows users to pick the best times of day to post and schedule social media content in advance.

Buffer can be used in tandem with Hootsuite. Buffer is great for tweets and Google+, but shouldn?t be used for Facebook. It is more beneficial to post content natively in Facebook, when possible. However, these tools compliment each other so well that is often best to use them together instead of separately.

Buffer offers up to ten different blog feeds for your favorite social media accounts. Users can add RSS feeds and share links from websites inside the tool?s dashboard. Buffer will pull the latest stories and content for you and allow you to share it.

Buffer currently offers suggested posts. Unfortunately, this is going away. However, the suggested posts option is a nice way to generate additional Twitter content right within the tool.

Buffer analytics are available as well. For some clients, numbers matter and they want to see engagement ratios. There are some aspects, such as dark traffic, that keep users from getting visibility at all since it is mobile activity. How do you track mobile users versus other users? Are those numbers actually right? It?s hard to say. So, it?s important to keep them in mind when viewing analytic reports. Each platform offers it?s own set of analytics.

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