Stay Positive on Social

Who else is over the negative posts online?

I am certain?every person reading this has been affected by the recent election and events happening in the US?on traditional and social media. If you are on social media to any extent you have seen an onslaught of normally nice people posting negative & hurtful comments, memes, & videos. In addition, these same people are arguing?with friends and strangers alike regarding their beliefs.

It doesn't need to be this way…

We all are entitled to our own opinions, obviously. However, what we are not entitled to is to be mean to our fellow online friends.

It's pretty simple and goes back to the Golden Rule: If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Move on from the post, un-follow the person if you must, but let's just all #BeKind to one another. This is especially important if you are in business and on social media. You can alienate potential clients or even lose existing clients by attacking others online or posting questionable posts.

My challenge to you for 2017 is to Stay Positive Online!SP Blog - Stay Positive (3)

Here are some ideas to help you stay on track:

  • Think before you respond:
    • Is this kind?
    • Is this helpful?
    • Would I say this to the person's face?
  • Post 1 positive thing daily
    • Something great that happened today
    • Motivational or positive quotes
    • 1 thing you are grateful for in your life
  • Images:
    • Find images of things that make you happy (flowers, puppies, cats, gnomes…)
    • Find funny memes or videos (be sure they aren't or couldn't be potentially offensive to others)
  • Stay away from hot-button?topics
    • Politics
    • Religion
    • Money

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