Top 5 Fears & Phobias for Live Streaming (and how to get over them!)

Live Streaming Phobias!
Oh My!


If you are online and know you need to market your business using live streaming, you may face some or all of these fears & phobias for live streaming (and how to get over them!). We will walk you through the biggest fears & phobias we have heard about “going live” and share with you how to work through those fears.

# 5 – What do I Talk About?

This is one of the most common questions heard when people talk about why they aren't live streaming. “I don't have anything to talk about or share with my audience” is the most common reason people don't live stream.

However, no matter what business you are in you have something to talk about (queue?Bonnie Raitt!)

10 Ideas to Start Live Streaming:

  1. Behind the Scenes – share something your followers would like to see they normally wouldn't of the “behind the scenes” working of your business.
  2. Special Events – hosting or attending an event? Share the live event with your audience.
  3. Live Training – Are you being asked the same question over & over? Share the answer live with your audience and walk them through the answer.
  4. Employee Spotlights – Shine the light on your employees! They will be thrilled and most likely want to share it out to their friends and family.
  5. Customer Spotlights – Same goes here. Have a customer you love (or better yet that love you!) Do a live video with them to share why they love you!!!
  6. Q & A Session – Ask your clients what their biggest questions are and answer them live! You can either get these questions in advance or have them join you on the live stream to ask their questions on the video.
  7. Online Summit?- Bring on your community of partners to share their insights with your audience (and theirs!)
  8. Interview?- Have someone you work with or that could provide insights to your audience, consider interviewing them to give your followers something new & a different perspective.
  9. Unboxing -?Did you receive something awesome recently you want to share with your audience? Think about doing a live unboxing. This is a fun way to share your excitement. It could be a new tool or product to help your business, it could be a new product you are launching that is NOW available, whatever works that you think your audience might be interested in seeing.
  10. Case Studies – Do you have a client, product or service you've been using or working with you could share a case study of how you worked together to create massive success? Share it!?

Need more here is a?How to Get Started Live Streaming blog?which has even more ideas to help you get started!

#4 – I'm Not Ready to Do Video, I'm No Professional

“Ugh, I'm not a video professional, I'm not ready for live streaming, I don't have the experience or know-how to do it.” This is something we hear ALL. THE. TIME.?Guess what? The majority of people who are live streaming on a daily basis have little to no experience in professional video. However, that doesn't stop them, why are you going to let it stop you! Share your knowledge with the world!

You DON'T need to be a professional! Just get started and trust the process! You will get better as time goes on, promise! Want to see something embarrassing? Check out this video from one of the first times I went live & you will feel much better about yourself!

#3 – Nobody showed up for my Live Broadcast, Now What?

So what? This gives you more time to practice & figure out what works best for you!?If nobody shows up on your broadcast you are able to figure out the tech, lighting, angles, etc. Then when you finish the broadcast you get to decide if you keep it (or not!). If you really aren't happy with the broadcast – delete it & nobody will know. Or be brave & share it, if nothing else for posterity to see how far you have come in such a short time.

I have coached many people on their live streaming and many are scared to hit the ‘go live' button, but once they do it a couple times they feel at home talking to their ‘friends'.

It's ok if nobody is there in the beginning…work out the bugs and get comfortable going live. Once you have done this, then you can start promoting and sharing when you will be live. Schedule your broadcasts using Facebook scheduling tool or other tools such as or Switcher Studio. Learn more about from this blog post.

#2 – Tech Troubles & Troubleshooting

Tech troubles WILL happen! Pretty much I can promise that – it's HOW you handle it! In fact, today I was a part of an online summit discussing live streaming & guess what….my tech would not work! We tried everything to make it happen. Nope. Nada. Nothing.

No problem – YOU got this!

So, what do you do? You Deal! You move on and “On With The Show”!

You may have slow bandwidth, sound issues, video issues, lag, whatever the issue is you deal and have fun with it. There are certain things you want to check tech as much as you can prior to hitting the “go live” button, but a lot of tech is out of your control.

Do what you can to make it a pleasant experience for all!

  • High-speed Wifi
  • Good camera/video
  • Quality Microphone
  • Find a space without a lot of external noise (unless you are live streaming from an event – you may not have a choice)
  • Valuable Content

Want more steps to Live Streaming Success? Click here.

#1 – Hitting the “Go Live” Button

This is the scariest part of Live Streaming, no doubt about it! TRUST! Everyone who goes live has felt this fear when they are about to hit the button!

It's scary to put yourself out there to the world. Do it once. Then do it again. And again. The more you do it – the more comfortable you become.

Think about it like you are talking to your friends – because that is what they are – friends! If possible, get a friend to agree to join your first live video and have them say something in the comments. It helps you feel like your friends are there with you. You are just chatting with them.

Cheers to YOUR Live Streaming Success!

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