Top 10 Items You Must Have for any Event!

Top 10 Items You Must Have for any Event!

Conference season has officially begun! Here are my Top 10 must-have items for any event I'm attending.

Here are my Top 10 Items:

IMG_581110. Business Cards – Be sure to stock up on business cards as you will be meeting lots of new people & will want to have a way to connect after the event. Some may say business cards are obsolete, but I disagree. Spend the money & invest in amazing business cards which make a statement & people will remember YOU. has amazing business cards that are unique. Check them out!

9. External Charger(s) –Events can be an energy suck literally & physically. Be sure to bring an external charger (or more) if you plan on using your phone or tablet for notes, pictures, live video, & more. Here are a few of my favorite external chargers:

IMG_58108. Hydration Source – Bring a water bottle of your own. This helps ensure you get your daily water intake. I don't leave home without my branded water bottle.

Wanna know a secret? It's actually a Starbucks cup I mixed & matched & added my sticker too!

7. Microphone – If you plan on going live or interviewing people bring a mic – recommend a dual-mic if interviewing. Events can be loud & you want your followers to be able to hear the great tips you are sharing! I use a Movo Mic & it gets the job done for a reasonable price approx. $15!

6. Power Strip/Chargers – This is especially important if you are sharing a room. Most hotel rooms and other accommodations typically don't have a lot of outlets. If you are bringing lots of equipment it's key to charge up when you can. BONUS: You can make new friends if you bring it to the conference!

5. Headphones – Don't forget your headphones if you are traveling. They are expensive at the airport & you will regret not having them on the plane if you are anything like me. I adore my LG Bluetooth Wireless approx. $50

4. List of Who You Want to Meet – It's best if you can start reaching out to the people you want to connect with online prior to the event. Start a Twitter List to make staying in touch with them easier. Say “Hello” and start a conversation. Give them a reason to want to meet you IRL (in real life).

3. Selfie Stick – You want to be able to capture the moments and there may not always be someone around to snap photos of your group.

2. Tripod – If you plan on interviewing people it's best if you can use a tripod to steady your camera. I, personally, love Arkon Mounts, for a variety of reasons, but mostly because of Aaron Roth VP of Marketing & their amazing products! Check out this tripod! Get a discount on your purchase for using my code “erincell”.

#1 – Positive Attitude – This is 100% the most important thing to bring to any event you attend! Be open to meeting with new people, you never know who you will meet. It could be your next power partner, client, or best friend!

BONUS TIP: Look & feel your best! Wear your favorite outfit(s). Get your hair cut, colored, styled…the better you feel about how you look the better you come off when meeting new people. Oh, & don't forget your toothbrush! 😉

*In full disclosure, some of the links are affiliate links where I receive a little kick-back, but trust me I wouldn't be promoting these items if they weren't my favorites!*

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