What do Virtual Events, Podcasting & Wine have in Common?

You may not think these 3 things go together, but they do if you know Phil Anderson & Shelley Webb.

The two are co-founders of the Social Media Summit Coeur d'Alene and have transitioned from an in-person to a virtual event this year. They are co-hosts of multiple podcasts and one of those podcasts is focused on wine, Wine Time Fridays.

In this episode, we discuss how they transitioned from in-person to virtual events & the different challenges they faced. We also talk about podcasting since we just recorded the 4 P's of Podcasting session for the Social Media Summit CDA kicking off on Sept. 21st. In addition, Phil & Shelley are both podcast hosts & we share some podcasting tips & resources. You can get all the details if you join us for the upcoming conference (trust me, I put a ton of info into my session)!

Phil Anderson 

Phil Anderson has been rocking social media for over a decade and has a passion for business. Combine the two and it’s what drives him to help others grow their business and companies by leveraging the power of social media.

He has successfully run and grown multiple businesses. Although his areas of expertise are wine, sports, photography, construction and the great outdoors, he has a knack for morphing into the culture of virtually any business so as to be their authentic voice on their chosen social media platforms. 

In a world of over-saturation of social media experts, companies and agencies, Phil brings a simple yet effective strategy to help companies and businesses have a strong social media presence.

Phil is the co-director of Social Media Summit Coeur d'Alene, Co-host of the Business Buffet Podcast and the Wine Time Fridays Podcast.

He grew up in Seattle, Washington and now resides in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Twitter: @PhilipMAnderson

Shelley Webb

Shelley is a content creator, social media manager and co-director of Social Media Summit Coeur d'Alene. When she is not at her computer, she likes to cook, watch her zany chickens and dance with The Blazen Divaz.

Instagram: @ShelleyWebb

Phil & Shelley's Podcasts: 

Business Buffet Podcast

Wine Time Friday



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Erin Cell will be speaking on the 4 P's of Podcasting at the Summit & I've got all kinds of freebies & giveaways if you join my session.

Here are the details: 

In this session, Erin will kick things off with how to get started podcasting. Next, she will walk you through proper planning in order to create a successful podcast. This includes resources to keep you organized & on schedule. Determining your programming type & style is critical to bringing listeners back to the podcast & subscribing. Producing a high-quality podcast is crucial to keeping your listeners tuning in, Erin will share the tools professionals use; including equipment, recording & editing. Finally, she will discuss the options for promoting your podcast via social media & ideas to repurpose your podcast to make your podcasting efforts go even further.

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