The Power of Personal Branding with Nik Scott

Nik Scott is a powerhouse in personal branding & she brings so many powerful personal branding tips in the episode. You will learn how to accelerate your personal brand to leverage it to grow your career or business. She also walks you through her process on how to dominate your niche. Nik also discusses how to escape blending in with the masses by implementing one simple framework. 

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Tips Shared: 

  • 6 Tip to accelerate your personal brand so that you can leverage it to grow your career or your business
    • Know who you are
    • Stay in your lane
    • Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready
    • Be authentic & genuine
    • Engage in selfless self-promotion
    • Use social media the right way
  • The must-have process to become a powerhouse in your niche
    • Stand out in your industry
    • Speaking to your industry peers
    • Talk about what you know
    • Adapt to the needs of your audience 
    • Niche down your topics
    • Document the moment
  • How to escape blending in with the masses by implementing one simple framework
    • Don’t get STUCK
    • Don’t Say things that you will never do
    • Don’t Undervalue yourself
    • Don’t change lanes
    • Don’t keep putting it off
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      • 3 Necessary mind shifts everyone MUST make to grow their personal brand
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Article Nik mentioned in the show: The Next Generation Of CMOs Will Come From Today’s Social Media Managers

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Nik ScottAward-winning Personal Brand Coach, Nik Scott is the creator of FABB Public Speaking, a six-week accelerator to teach women how to kickstart their speaking business utilizing the FABB Framework™.  It is Nik’s passion to help women entrepreneurs use their unique qualities to differentiate themselves from everyone else in their industry. Nik is a firm believer in Selfless Self-Promotion™  challenging her clients to think of personal branding as a service to others instead of self-serving.

As a speaker, Nik has taught thousands of entrepreneurs across the nation how to establish, grow and maintain their personal brands.  As a consultant, she’s worked 1:1 with politicians, non-profit leaders, corporate executives and small business owners to position themselves as authorities in their niche.  Just as she’s done as a speaker and consultant, it is Nik’s mission to teach women how to leverage the power of their personal brand in order to establish their credibility, amplify their expertise and increase awareness for their business.

Nik has been married for 19 years and is the mother of two teenage daughters.


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