The Changing Social Media Landscape with Laura Pence Atencio

In this episode, we discuss the changing social media landscape. So many things have changed in our world in 2020 due to COVID-19 including the end of in-person events as we knew them, more people than ever working from home, no more coffee meetings (if we are lucky), Zoom & other virtual meeting options. Plus, in-person events transitioning to virtual.

On top of all that we are seeing censorship at its worst across most of the mainstream social media platforms. We discuss some alternative platforms you may want to check out if you want to keep your first amendment right to Freedom of Speech.

Tune in to hear all about the ever-changing social media landscape with Laura.

We also mention our favorite social media scheduling tool — Agorapulse. You may have heard me talk about it before, but truly I love this scheduling tool. I've used pretty much all of them & this is hands-down the best out there & you can't beat their customer service. Yes, I am an ambassador & the link is an affiliate link, but I truly would NOT share a tool or resource that I didn't use & believe in. I'm always happy to answer any questions if you've got them.


Laura Pence Atencio, Founder, Social Savvy Geek

Laura Pence Atencio is a leading authority on digital marketing and business growth. As the Founder of Social Savvy Geek, she’s been dubbed “The Geek Liaison” for her ability to break complicated concepts down into everyday language. As a sales pipeline strategist and corporate consultant, she helps businesses harness the power of digital marketing to find, engage, and convert their target audience. 

Laura’s knowledge in the areas of business growth and online marketing have been recognized during recent interviews on several web TV shows, podcasts, and radio. She is an international speaker, trainer, and best selling author. Her popular radio show and podcast, The Social Savvy Geek Show aired on KDMT 1690 AM in Denver and is available on iTunes. 

Known for her directness, desire to see changemakers excel, and ability to communicate complicated concepts simply combined with an engaging manner and infectious smile, Laura is a highly sought after speaker. As a result, she has been honored by Social Media Day Denver, the Commonwealth of Virginia, Colorado Chamber of Commerce, and a host of other organizations that trust her ability to educate, inspire, and transform.

As a social media influencer, she has shared the stage with top names in marketing such as Joel Comm, John Lee Dumas, Brian Fanzo, and many more…

She is a lifelong fan of Star Wars, a US Masters Swimmer, and served as a Combat Engineer in the Virginia Army National Guard. She is recently widowed and travels the United States full time with her 7-year-old daughter. 

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