Storytelling with Strategy featuring Hollie Clere

Hollie Clere

Storytelling with Strategy featuring Hollie Clere

In this episode, Hollie Clere & Erin Cell discuss Storytelling with Strategy. Hollie has been in the social media space for over 12 years and has worked with all the platforms & helped hundreds of business owners develop an online marketing strategy.

She helps business owners develop their stories to share with potential customers. Hollie believes storytelling is a crucial part of your marketing strategy. As you may have heard before, in business, it is important to develop relationships and that is done by building the “know, like, trust” factor. This is especially important when you are doing this online.

Hollie Clere, The Social Media Advisor, part of Clere Communications – Helping businesses tell stories for their brand while increasing sales with social media.

Clere Communications, LLC was founded April 2003 as a Virtual Back-office Company for Telecommunications Master Agents.  In an effort to provide additional support for their clients they developed The Social Media Advisor and fell in love with the concepts that any brand, no matter how large or small, could compete in their market online through an effective story and strategy.  They now focus on social media and exclusively support clients in online marketing efforts. Their core foundation is centered around: Storytelling + Relationships => Business Success! Social media is changing the way people do business …. Don’t get left behind!






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