The Riches ARE in the Niches with Dana Malstaff

The Riches are in the Niches — I mean we've all heard it before, right? I love Dana's stories behind people who really are succeeding by focusing on their niche!

Dana Malstaff discusses the future of social media being all about community, really niching to find your ideal audience & support your followers by connecting them with each other & encouraging everyone to build each other up. It is all about a mindset shift to a space of abundance. 

Treat Facebook & Instagram like a market research focus group. Within groups, you are able to communicate with your ideal customers & they will tell you what they think & what they need from you. Once you are able to build trust with your audience they will tell you everything you need to know & guide you to creating the products & services they are looking for!

Surprisingly Dana doesn't recommend creating your Facebook Group immediately. She actually talks about using Facebook Groups to become micro-famous within someone else's audience. She suggests finding 5-10 groups where your ideal audience is already hanging out & engaging. Spend time there watching what is happening, what people are asking, how can you help people there?

After spending some time in these groups you will want to determine which best fit what you are looking for & resonate with you. Pick 1 or 2 of them to really commit to — spend your time there every day actively engaging, asking questions, answering questions, encouraging & connecting!

Once you have people tagging & referring to you in that community on a consistent basis as an expert on the topic it may be time for you to start your own group. This is when you are able to invite those connections to your new group & they will follow you there & invite others to come along.

Stop the Hustle & Grind

Let other people help you sooner rather than later. She strongly recommends you outsource what you can before you think you are ready even. This is something that really resonates with me as I feel like I waited too long when I started my business to outsource. The moment I did it was such a huge relief.

So, ask yourself this question, what is 1 thing you currently do that someone else could do faster & better & would save you so much time & headache? Think about outsourcing that! How great would that feel?

Dana Malstaff & Erin Cell — closes with “Hug Someone Today”.

With everything going on in the world today we aren't supposed to be hugging – thanks COVID-19.

As soon as we are through this virus — let's start hugging again! Sound like a plan? 💕


Dana started Boss Mom because she was sick of feeling guilty about wanting to have a family and a business at the same time, and wondering if maybe she couldn't be a good mom if she didn't want to stay at home and be with my kids 24/7. When she finally recognized that being an entrepreneur actually makes her a better mom because she is pursuing her passions, the world began to open up.

So in 2015, she wrote her first book, Boss Mom: The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Business & Nurturing Your Family Like a Pro and from there launched the Boss Mom Movement.

We all have different goals, desires, and ways of leading our lives, and we should all value that unique journey. Ultimately, we are women trying to be good parents and good business owners at the same time. We yearn to pursue what we love, love who we are, and create something beautiful in this world.

JOIN the BossMom Facebook Group

Yep, you can join the group even if you aren't a mom (or even a woman). You just need to be a good person – AKA not a jerk-face!

Our apologies for the bad audio in spots – we recorded this live from Social Media Marketing World & there were sessions going on. 

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