Confidence Not Ego with Mark Hamade

Mark Hamade is a Veteran in more ways than one including serving the Marines and advising on multiple blockchain initiatives. Mark and Erin have known each other since college and reconnected recently thanks to the blockchain & cryptocurrency industry. Mark discusses in this episode the importance of blockchain going forward in a variety of industries. He also shares why he supports women entrepreneurs & enjoys working with them to help them reach their big goals. Mark is a huge proponent of holding organizations responsible & moving our world forward in a way that benefits the masses.


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Mark Hamade

Mark Hamade, PE,  Speaker; VC; Mentor; Advisor; Blockchain. Beat Wheelchair, Stage 4 Cancer, 15x  Surgery, -253lbs, USMC Veteran. Supporter of Planet, People, and Women Entrepreneurs.

Mark Hamade is a Conscious Capitalist, meaning he passionately respects People, the Planet, and Profitable enterprise, and believes that organizations have a responsibility to uphold all three Ps equally. Strategic, visionary, and innovative leadership. Business acumen and a strong ability to create and execute a strategy that results in sustained financial health of the organization.

His career spans multiple industries, including renewable energy, enterprise software, industrial engineering, and IT services. Mark is globally minded and globally well connected, having established offices in Mexico, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and the Far East. 

He has been a featured speaker in Malta, Hong Kong, Canada, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, London, United Arab Emirates, Austria and has spoken in front of an audience as large as 25,000 attendees. 

He maintains business connections in over 50 countries, including those with the wealthiest economies. He has raised/managed/assisted with over( $2+ billion with 24%-77% IRR some projects much much higher & some lower. 


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