Building Authority on LinkedIn with Valerie Morris

In Episode 6, we chat with Valerie Morris on all things LinkedIn. Valerie has been helping clients build authority on LinkedIn with tried & true strategies that work. One of the first things she recommends you do to improve your LinkedIn presence is to update your profile & ensure you have completed as many of the sections as you can on the platform.

Valerie is a big proponent of crafting your audience on LinkedIn.  Tune in to the episode to learn more about what this means & how to best go about doing it.

Consistency is key on LinkedIn and you may want to consider posting videos of yourself to help the algorithm share your content with more of your followers. Valerie also works with many non-profits & has some great ideas to help gain awareness & possibly donation dollars via LinkedIn.

Finally, we want to share a free summit offered by our friends at Agorapulse on all things LinkedIn. You can register for FREE here. 

Valerie Morris

Valerie Morris is a digital marketing strategist, speaker, author, and consultant, helping busy experts share their brand message and expertise with the world with the power of authority-building content. She helps them position them as the leaders in the field with the power of digital marketing, social media, and strategic content. She also teaches others how to do the same with smart systems for strategic marketing success.

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Grab Valerie's Book: We’re All Ears: How to increase your impact, influence, and success online in a noisy world.


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