Why You Need Content Curation & Creation!

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Content Curation: Why? How? Where?

High quality content curation & creation for your website, blog and social media sites can be a time consuming process. In order to keep it interesting and engage your audience, thought must be put into what you post. Unfortunately, many of us struggle with taking the time to get this done. The good news is there are many different types of content curation and creation tools!

Why Curate Content?

The traditional method of reaching potential clients and customers through promotion and marketing is changing. No longer do people sit through commercials, read their junk mail, or browse newspapers. Everyone is digital and the Internet is alive with tons of great content! However, people are tired of advertising and spam. In order to really reach your audience, you have to create information and graphics that they WANT to read. This is why content curation is the cornerstone of modern online marketing. The right kind of content will grab attention, help you stand out from your competition, build your online presence, give you permission to market to your target audience, and will establish you as an authority in your industry or field.

How Do You Curate Content?

There are a lot of great avenues to choose from when it comes to creating content, depending on your field, your brand, and your audience. It is important to keep your tone of voice and brand in mind when selecting content so it remains consistent. Content is not a one size fits all strategy. Here are some suggestions to pick from to get you started. Select a few you feel you will have time to create and most closely match your branding.

  • Compile a RSS feed of your favorite blog posts for sharing purposes.
  • Ask your audience questions.
  • Collaborate with guest speakers or writers.
  • Post case studies.
  • Share successes and/or failures
  • Forward industry news or tips.
  • Post videos or ‘vlogs'.
  • Share motivational or inspiration quotes.
  • Promote your upcoming events.
  • Have a contest!
  • Write blog posts or articles to share.
  • Post about local happenings and events.
  • Share testimonials, reviews or recommendations.
Content Curation

Don't be spammy! Content curation is crucial!

Just remember to keep the 80/20 rule in mind as you post content. Only 20% of what you post should be promotional in nature or about you and your business. Otherwise, you come off as less of an authority and people will consider your posts spammy. Don't be spammy…..nobody like spam! Right?

Where Can You Find Help?

Did the list overwhelm you? Do you simply not have enough time in the day to keep on top of your? content? You aren?t alone. There are plenty of online tools to help you find great content.

Here you go:

Post Planner

This site boasts the ability to find any content for any niche or industry. This includes images, articles and ideas that are perfect for sharing.


Hootsuite is known for its social media scheduling capabilities but it also contains a built in feed for suggestions. This is great if you are missing just a few ideas to round out your content.


This tool focuses on Twitter to curate content from chosen influencers. It also has features to help people manage their own Twitter accounts.


This site is an RSS feed where users can focus on a theme or category and have new and popular content consistently delivered.


This resource boosts access to over 200,000 sources and then filters it based on keywords and other options.

LinkedIn Pulse

For busy business professionals, LinkedIn has created a one-stop recruiting, networking and information playground. LinkedIn Pulse is the place that influencers, experts, and authority figures post content to share with their connections and groups. This is a great feed to find content worthy of sharing with your audience.


This website gathers images and stories from popular web communities and condenses it into an easy to read layout. It is like visiting a bunch of websites all at once.


This tool is a stream of links centered around the people you follow on social media. It also has options for select categories and topics.


This site is a database for newsletters, broken down into topics. Search by your industry for newsletters that have information you can use.


This tool will search topics that are currently popular and give you stories, tweets, links, images, videos and people that match. The results page displays what is the most popular content and what people are talking about.

These are just some of the tools available to help you source and curate content for your sites. The point is the sky is the limit! Feel free to get creative and do a bit of research to find what tools and methods work best for you. Set a goal and a time limit each week to keep your content curation realistic.

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Do you have a favorite content curation tool not mentioned here? Let us know what it is!

If you are still having difficulties finding the time to curate &/or create your own content to share online Socially Powered can help. Contact us to see how we can work together!

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