5 Step Guide to Create Engaging Quizzes Online!

I'm sure you've seen (and be honest, participated!) in those quizzes you see on Facebook, Buzzfeed or the like? Did you know you can easily create your own quiz to share with your audience?

WHY CREATE A QUIZ? (2 Simple Reasons!)

#1 -? We like to talk about ourselves

#2 – We like to learn about ourselves

See a trend here? This article mentions 40% of the words we say in our lives are about ourselves. We are psychologically addicted to talking about ourselves.

We decided to create a quiz around marketing, social media & content creation. We wanted a quiz to learn more about our followers & how you feel about creating content. We know how painful creating content can be for some people. In addition to learning about our audience, we wanted to share a powerful FREE tool with everyone to help ease some of that content creation pain. This is a win/win for both of us – we can connect & engage with everyone – PLUS, you get access to our easy to use Content Creation Template. Yay!

Thank goodness Interact makes creating a quiz easy if you aren't creative. They provide templates with images, questions & the results. Let's walk through how easy it is to get started & get your quiz out there to the world!


Simply Click + Create New Quiz

Getting Started

Then select Template or From Scratch (We recommend Template if you are just getting started)

There are plenty of templates to choose from & you can select multiple. Cool, huh?


You've got the following to choose from:?

  • Assessment: Test knowledge. Each question has 1 correct answer.
  • Personality: Quiz-takers will see which personality type applies to them.
  • Scored: Each answer will have a score to be tallied & results will determine where they rank.

You may want to try a few different quiz types to see which resonates with your audience the most. For this blog, we decided to go with the personality type to find out what your marketing spirit animal is. You'll be able to take the quiz at the end of this blog.



There are tons of templates to choose from with Interact. Pick a template that resonates with you & your audience. Keep in mind, you can always customize, change images & make it true to your brand image.


At this step, you can customize your branding & styling, edit the questions & results, connect with your email marketing program (works with the most common email service providers) & finally embed your quiz on your website &/or share it out on the socials. You can even download your leads in one-simple click if you don't have an email service provider (ESP). How cool is that??

One of my favorite aspects is the ability to easily change the colors, add images and even change the questions/results.


It's basically as simple as that. Once you've customized your quiz – you hit “publish”. At this point, you have some options for where to publish. Your options include: Pop-up on your website, Announcement Bar, Facebook Ad, Embed on your website or landing page, Direct Link, & Share on the Socials (my favorite!)

Keep in mind your goals & intention with what you want this quiz to accomplish. Are your goals to build your email list? Then you definitely want this connected to your preferred email service provider (ESP). If you are only looking to increase engagement – then, by all means, share this on your socials.

If you are using Interact to grow your email list you will need to integrate with your ESP. You only need to connect once & then you'll be able to easily integrate for all the quizzes you create.

Set-up your opt-in form which will display after the last question & before the results (It's recommended you give people the option to skip the opt-in form). Collect only the information you really need (i.e. First name & email).

Next, you will need to have an action step to trigger when someone opt-in's via your ESP. This could be an email which goes out or adds them to a specific list. We use GetResponse & set-up an email to go out once someone has completed the quiz.

You just need to be sure you add an action for each of the results. You can have the action be different for the various results if you really want to customize your messaging. For this example, we did the same action for all of the results.

Once someone has completed the quiz & opted-in they will receive an email from us with a Free Content Calendar. You can try it for yourself below by completing the quiz & grab your?Free Content Calendar for planning your marketing efforts.

Here's the quiz we created:

[interact id=”5b8ebc129242e80014a969c8″ type=”quiz”]

Our Results:?

The Interesting and Informative ZEBRA.

Zebras are very social by nature. They stay together in order to be helpful you seem to have that down. Sharing interesting and helpful content draws others to you and they see you as an expert in your industry.?You plan your content and probably have campaigns to draw people into sales funnels to further personalize your contact with them through email, video and other mediums. Don't let your guard down, keep up the good work!

We just hit publish on this quiz – so, after we've promoted & shared this we will update with the analytics & let you know how it performed.


Did we mention you can not only do quizzes with Interact but also polls & giveaways! Yippee!

We love Marie Forleo – do you? You can learn how Marie uses a quiz here.

You can learn more here about how to make a Buzzfeed-style quiz.

Can't think of questions to ask for your quiz? Not to worry – we've got you covered with this List of? 50 Quiz Questions to Use!

YES! I want to try Interact today! Click here to get started.

*Please note this is an affiliate link and we may be compensated*?

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