3?Tips for Entrepreneurial Success with Amy Westbrook – Success Chemist

As a success coach, Amy Westbrook helps entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and business owners to achieve success. She?s been named the Success Chemist due to her foolproof formulas for achieving success, and in this video I was able to ask her some of her top tips for entrepreneurs when starting a business.

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Amy?s first tip is to define your ideal customer. ?Ask yourself: ?Who are they? ?What do they look like? ?What do they read? ?What do they do? ?What?s important to them? ?Amy says, ?. . .[Y]ou want to get that as narrow as possible, because then you?re going to be able to focus your marketing and your messaging to a customer base that it?s really going to speak to.?


Once you know who you want to go after, and you?re working with that subset of people, Amy?s next tip is to make sure you?re asking that group of people for referrals. ??You want to keep bringing in that type of customer into your business,? she says. ?Like attracts like, so the people that you?ve targeted and you?re now working with will already know the type of people you are interested in working with.

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Amy?s final and perhaps most vital tip for any entrepreneur is simply to jump in and stick with it. ?She says, ?People don?t give themselves enough time to be successful?. ?In fact, she sees people wanting to get out early very frequently, while the reality is that you can go nine months to a year without seeing any movement in your business and still be making progress. ?It doesn?t happen right away, but Amy says if you?re doing the right things and you?re doing them consistently, ?your ship will come in?. ?Unfortunately, she says, ?People stop right before a business is about to explode?. ?So, don?t give up on your dreams. ?Just find your customer, and keep bringing them value!

Amy Westbrook

One of the best ways to achieve your dream is to surround yourself with people that are going to help you get there. ?If you want to learn more from Amy, visit her site at Amywestbrook.com.?

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