Social Media Branding with Bree Weber

Some exciting things are happening at Socially Powered. To help me with these, I have some brand-new templates and graphic designs that will make their debut soon. Bree Weber of has been helping me with new templates. In this video, Bree shares with us some of her best Social Media Design Tips for businesses.

Bree?s first tip is: ?All of the design you share?need to be branded?.? This includes your logo and your colors, but as Bree explains, it goes beyond that. It needs to express your attitude, your story and your style. Putting something up that has your logo on it is not branding.?Putting something up that screams who you are and relates to your story will bring you more engagement, more likes, and more people who want to respond to what you are sharing with them. Branded means telling your story through a visual medium.

For tip number two, Bree reminds us?everything you?re putting on social media is taking up real estate.?The more real estate you have, the more people are going to notice what you?re doing and come back to find out what else you?re doing. Bree recommends nine out of ten posts have some sort of visual aspect to what you are posting. If it?s not an image, it should be a video. Bree loves video because, ?it?s a great way to engage in a live and community-like style?. Adding images, she says, is also great, especially when you are sharing quotes, or part of your story. That?s when people can share and will be more willing to share. As a business, that will have an impact and more people will be sharing.

Finally, tip number three is to mix it up.?Posting the same things over and over is not going to bring people back to your page or your website. The key, Bree explains, is to stay consistent with your brand while still mixing it up. ?You can do this by adding and enhancing different aspects. For example, adding a seasonal element. This allows you to show something new and different without reinventing your brand every three months.

Bree is an expert at marketing and design publishing. She works with small businesses and creative entrepreneurs to create a story around their brand. She then helps them find ways to communicate the story and engage with people who will be interested in working with them. For more information about her services, visit

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