Let's connect @erincell

Let's connect @erincell

Snapchat Success: Finding Followers

(2 of a 4 part Snapchat Success Series)

In the first part of our series of Getting to Know Snapchat, you learned a little bit about the?history of Snapchat and how it?s used. Hopefully, you?ve set up your account, so now we?re?ready for the next step: Finding Followers.

There are a number of?ways to add friends through Snapchat. To get to these options, you?ll need to tap?the ghostScreen Shot 2016-08-10 at 4.02.52 PM?icon at the top of the camera screen. Then select ?Add Friends?.
1. Add by Username: In the ?Add by Username? field, type in a username you already?know, and then tap on the ?+? to connect with them.

2. Add from Address Book: This will allow you to search your phone?s contacts for those?who are already on Snapchat. You have an option to send an SMS invite to those who?aren?t using the app.

3. Add by Snapcode: This works just like a QR code. You scan your friend?s Snapcode?from their app or scan from a photo. Scanning from a photo involves one extra step.?Under ?Add by Snapcode?, make sure you select ?Photos?. The easiest way I have found to add friends on Snapchat is for both of you to open the app, click on the ghost to get to the ‘Add Friends' screen. Then you act like you are going to take a snap, but hold down on the picture & it will scan their Snapcode & pop up their profile with the option to connect. In addition, you can do this if you see a Snapcode online or in print.

4. Add Nearby: This is a location-based feature which requires you to have GPS enabled on?your smartphone. Selecting this option will allow you to connect with local Snapchatters. You both have to be on the app & in the ‘Add Nearby' in order to connect this way.

5. Sharing your Username: This is the most important feature for internet marketing. Under??Add Friends? you?ll find ?Share username?. Selecting this option will generate a?Snapchat link. It?s a seamless way to connect through mobile devices, but keep in mind?that those clicking from their desktops won?t make the transition. This makes it?imperative you share your username @username in all your social media images and?promotion text so they can easily connect with you.

Probably the most effective way to find a following on Snapchat is the same way as on any other?platform ? creating consistent, engaging content that make you an interesting account to follow.?You want other people to be talking about you. Establishing a presence on the app is the absolute?best way to get those viewer numbers way up there.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 4.56.17 PMLooking to grow followers on Snapchat? Well, there's an app for that!

The app I use is GhostCodes?– a discovery app for Snapchat. It's simple to get started & you are able to classify yourself under a variety of topics & interests. This is a great way for people to find you & start to follow. Download the GhostCodes app & connect your Snapchat?account. GhostCodes let's you give kudos to your favorite Snappers & also has Featured Ghosties (these are the people to follow!) exclusively curated by the GhostCodes team.

Now that you know how to add followers to your account, up next we?ll cover how to create?engaging content so you can build your brand on Snapchat.


There are so many amazing, inspirational & motivational people to follow on Snapchat, but I want to give you a couple of my favorites.?You won't regret following these peeps! (promise)

Here are their Snapchat usernames (go follow them, seriously!)?

  • @realjohnmelton
  • @danelledelgado
  • @solohour
  • @patflynnspi
  • @rachelreallysoc

Happy Snapping! Be sure to connect with me @erincell or scan the Snapcode above.

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