Let's Talk LinkedIn with Joyce Feustel

I am always looking at ways to upgrade and enhance your social media brand to grow your network. I recently had the opportunity to chat with Joyce Feustel our local expert on LinkedIn here in Denver, Colorado. In this video, Joyce reveals the most important thing to know about LinkedIn and explains the simple steps you can take to make your LinkedIn profile less boring, and more attractive to the people you want to connect with.

Attracting the right connections to your network by upgrading your LinkedIn profile

Joyce Feustel is an expert at using LinkedIn to find the right connections to build your network. She trains and speaks all over the Denver area about social media, and according to her the most important part of your LinkedIn profile is a professional picture and a strong headline. Joyce says your headline should say what you are about, and include keywords. ?As a business owner, Joyce explains, you don?t have a job title.?Your headline gives you 120 characters to explain what it is you do at a glance. She says, ?When people make that snap decision to connect . . .they are looking at your picture and your headline?.

[Tweet theme=”basic-white”] ?When people make that snap decision to connect . . .they are looking at your picture and your headline?. @joycefeustel[/Tweet]

You want your profile to be interesting, so the next step is to upgrade your summary, which is located below your picture. That?s where you?re going to talk about your story and what you can do for people. Joyce even recommends attaching a video or PowerPoint presentation to your summary.

Next, you are going to move on to the experience section. Joyce says to keep in mind you can add leadership roles and volunteer organizations. You can even include a video or link to the non-profit you represent, and hopefully gain them more exposure. Even more interesting is you can move around the various levels of LinkedIn. So, if you want to highlight your projects, you can move them up on your profile.

As a huge proponent of video, I am very excited LinkedIn has recently rolled out a ?record? feature, and is starting to get on the video revolution. However, as Joyce points out, there are many places you can already add media to LinkedIn. In addition to the above areas, you can add media to your education section, and put videos on your posts. Joyce stresses you should be posting on LinkedIn, and believes video is a powerful way to reach your audience.

As I always say, video is the future!?If you are not using video on every single platform you are on, you are missing out! ?Joyce is also a huge believer in the power of video, which is why she?s included a video in each of the ten chapters of her e-book. ?With this e-book, you can get expert tips from Joyce?s training. To learn?more from Joyce and download this e-book, watch the rest of this video and visit her at Boomerssocialmediatutor.com.

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